6 Responses to Creepshot at the Deli

  1. Hm...

    What if he handed her a huge salami? And they definitely had security video… recording…

  2. John

    The only ACTUALIZED person seen in this picture is the employee behind the counter. Otherwise, it’s just a bikini on the a piece of tattooed meat. Is that a thing now — bikini’s on meat?

    Nobody will respect that girl anymore than she respects herself!

    People like that need serious help. God bless her soul!

    • STFU

      John… you are gay

  3. James

    That shit was @ orange crush haha

  4. David

    Damn that’s a fatass!! She wants to get fucked going out to a store like that! Damn!!

  5. Lovesanalgape

    I would have been on my knees sniffing dat ass

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