4 Responses to Bottom Thickness

  1. Chris

    One of my top 5 ever from your site. Well done and keep the booties rollin.

  2. Cook

    Much respect to the person (or people) who makes this site come together so well. Not only do I get to view pretty women and Vurry nice backsides, but I even saw a few gots from a star wars parody that gave me a good laugh. Shorty right here, is seriously cute and her ass is Ginormous (pronounced Jy-nor-miss…thanks Rugrats for helping me to expand my vocabulary even further than elementary and middle school). This is a perfect example of thickness.

    • botd

      Thought your message was spam at first, but thanks for the respect and glad you like it. Appreciate it if you, or anybody, would let me know if you run into any bugs or something that’s not working like it’s supposed to. And yeah, that’s some nice thickness. Don’t know who she is tho. 🙁

      • Dudr

        It’s Shelsy R. I thought it was the first time I saw it, and then I saw it again on her tumblr. That woman is all kinds of perfect.

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