Curvy TikTok Girls in Sexy Dresses

Which one’s your favorite?

On a side note, I think this is the tallest video ever made in the history of all videos, so I hope it doesn’t break anybody’s device. If not, Part 2 will be taller, with 15 girls instead of 12.

Looks like at least 3 of them shop at the same store. smh my head.

  7. Don’t know

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    Iā€™m not on tik tok cause IG stays with the thirst traps is this the new platform for this?

  2. Hentai Jose

    So lately SP has been one the greatest places for me to find some great thicc content. Gonna share my playlist with y’all.

    @BOTD feel free share anything you like from there. I know most of the girls names, but not all.

    Enjoy šŸ˜‰

    • botd

      Nice. Lots of good stuff here. Thanks.

      I used to like Xhamster, but that shit sucks now. So yeah I usually end up at SpankBang and PornHub nowadays.

      • Hentai Jose

        Anytime! Funny enough, I usually go between SpankBang and Xhamster. Pornhub I watch the least cause I don’t find enough thicc camgirls. lol

        Shesfreaky has gotten better in the last year too.

  3. Hentai Jose

    Man, 1,3,4,5 and 9 can all get it!

    I’d love to know their names!

    • botd

      I’ll try to post their links tomorrow. I doubt they have OFs though. They’re just tiktok girls.

      • Hentai Jose

        Gotcha, no worries man.

  4. Anon
  5. Guest

    Trying to keep track of PAWGS on tiktok is like playing a round of wack-a-moll that never ends. Shit. Still haven’t committed their names to memory because there’s always new ones…. AND MOST OF THEM ARE TOP-TIER.

    I’ve got folders upon folders of bookmarks in my desktop & laptops so keeping track of all that is going to require considerable effort.

    Best of luck to you, BOTD.

    • botd

      Haha, I just bit the bullet, started a tiktok account, and followed them. The way the tiktok algorithm works, now I get similar looking ones on my feed all the time and end up having to follow them too. But yeah, they’re endless.

  6. BigAssVoyeur

    The last one (lower right corner) jiggles then turns coyly around to see the devastating effect.

    • botd

      They know what they’re doing.

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