17 Responses to Ass So Phat…

  1. Moion

    Keep em coming, BOTD! Mz Booty is perfect! Big booties like that is why I keep coming to this site too. Keep em coming and keep us cumming…

  2. Jay Fresh

    Post whatever you want. If someone doesn’t like an ass posted, they should skip it. There willl be one they do like later.

    • botd

      Nah that’s too reasonable. It’ll never work.

  3. T

    Mz Booty deserves her own hall of fame category on this site. She is the pure definition of the ultimate waist to ass ratio.

  4. Satanic Saint

    Stop jerking it maybe ..then use guys can finally get some fat ass..and loose your little dickies. For a dollar dis cheap hoe can break use guys.
    Tell ya mama..I’m in town.

  5. Darkaholic

    bring back small waisted ladies with big booties

    • botd

      Exhibit A

      Exhibit B

      If that’s not the very definition of small waist-big booty, I don’t know what is.

      No further testimony your honor, I rest my case, like I rest my milk and cookies on that ass.

      Maybe these buzzwords we’re all using have different meanings to each one of us. Yeah that’s it.

  6. Rocko

    Hell yeah they belong they got ass its called booty of the day

  7. botd

    Thanks for the feedback guys, but if anybody belongs on a site dedicated to big booty, it’s Mz Booty herself, the girl with the biggest ass to waist ratio. A booty site without Mz Booty is not a booty site at all.

    • Chris

      I fucking agree. Giant booties are great. That’s why I came on this site.

      Can;t help it if some people hate fatness.

      It comes along with all the things we love, asses, tits, and lots of soft body.

    • WTF

      Ignore those fools. Keep posting exactly how you do now. They are on the wrong website it seems.

  8. MobyDick

    I agree with YODO to 100%! No more obese women please. I mean just look at that thing! If she farts she would cause Earthquakes! This Bootyoftheday not Fattyoftheday!!!

  9. YODO

    C’mon man!! All obese women have huge asses, there’s nothing amazing about these fatties that have been posted on here too frequently lately. If I wanted to see this I would just hang out at Mcdonalds or something. Please keep it real with small waisted ladies with big booty. People visit this site to see something amazing

  10. Chris

    That was great. It’s hard to hate an ass like that!

  11. dayum

    yeah i think i had enough of thickness for two weeks lol

  12. Moose


  13. N2BiSex4u

    keep trying, you’ll get it in eventually…

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