22 Responses to Sabella Monize and a Selfie Stick

  1. Suresh

    Her ass is something special. Bubble and curvy. Amazing lower body and pretty face.

  2. nathan

    lovely. make a good face rider

  3. Lobster Bucket

    Looks like she lost a little weight. Still one of my FAVORITE asses. Would literally trade my gf just to fuck her one time

  4. iceman8069

    Godddd….I wanna fuck her so bad!

  5. dirk


  6. Pete

    Wish she had a longer porn career BUT appreciate the ones she did put out

  7. AJizz
    • bootox

      Wow! Look at this ass clapping in the first video! Simply AMAZING! Could watch this for days….

      Thanks, mate!

  8. BootyFreak

    Got damn! I would have to stuff my face all up in that!

  9. Bootyluver

    Now this girl put the selfie stick to good use

  10. blackfrost31

    she is super hott and would smash no doubt. wish she would die her hair a little better but it’s all good

  11. Traxx

    Hey BOTD

    You ever thought of adding a “Tuesday/Thursday Twerks” with awesome twerk gifs+vids whenever you can get them, to your segments, like the way you have “Fine Friday Frontals”?

    • Pete

      Please, no twerking segments….sexier when a booty just walks, does a little twerk and then keeps waling

    • tuesday

      ya.. and “monday morons”

    • botd


      It’s a good idea for another site, but I’m not really a big fan of twerking.

  12. Poohbia

    I haven’t seen this before, is this new?

    This chick was one of my favs before she disappeared

  13. Mr. 30mins

    Impregnate that hoe

  14. naughtynuff4u

    i like the cheeks rubbing towards each other when she shakes. that’s how you know she has a big ass.

  15. Black man

    Any other videos of her?

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