9 Responses to Brasileiro Blondie

  1. Desipimp

    Man I love these Brazilian bundas!!!

  2. CharllesButtLover

    By the way, dude… will you post something about 2014 brazilian carnival, BOTD?????

    • botd

      Probably not unless I find something good.

  3. Bootyman96

    Aw c’mon this chick in the pic better not have a crush on that soccer guy in the poster. On the bright side today is all about Brazilian babes. I feel great now. 🙂 Brazilian Blondes are smoking hot, wow.

  4. dannt

    love those brazilian babes! great bodies in general, check out for the GAROTAS DO BRAZIL in the web, lots of chicks like this…

  5. blackfrost

    very fine indeed

  6. skythesky

    First time commenting I love botd and this pic. Thanks for the posts.

  7. big boy

    wow sit on my face!!

  8. drune

    Her name is Camila Braga for those who wonder. Damn she’s fine!

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