5 Responses to Surf’s Up

  1. JustLooking

    Right! Totally agree. Thanks for post, I need to destroy the original or never look at it ’cause that booty on this pic is incredible.

  2. JustLooking

    I’m not talking airbrush, I’m major loss of bootage. If you want to post the original I’ll send it to you.

    • botd

      Thanks but this is a big booty site. If there’s two versions of a pic, we post the bigger one.

  3. JustLooking

    Unfortunately this is photoshopped. But man it looks good. I have the original.

    • botd

      Maybe it is, but I don’t see it as being either fortunate or unfortunate, since I’m not planning on dating her. Just admiring the pic, ya know. Same reason I don’t mind that models in men’s magazines are airbrushed, cause it’s just eye candy to me. People think differently. Nothing wrong with that.

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