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  1. GalOfRatio

    This girl has an amazing beauty and she has “The Ratio” (wide hips, slim athletic waist and great PAWG ass), a fan here.

    She is known as Athena Demos, see her IMDB profile, for more info and filmography (hard to find, BTW)

    I am searching her nudography: (very rare B-movies, abandonmovies… etc), if someone has them, please share 😉

    – Twisted Fates (2012)
    – Crawling Brain (2002)

    She is one of my muses, it is hard to explain (no stalker).

    Twisted Fates trailer (I am searching the movie, but I can’t find it), she has good MILF body

    Twisted Fates, streaming on Vimeo on Demand
    – Crawling Brain, reference (great content there)

    Her on Burning Man (more references)

    She supports nudism, naturism, Liberalism-Libertarianism, and Burninman Festival itself (she has hips and she has brains, perfect combination.


    A message to the BootyOfTheDay owner: thanks for all the work this years.
    The Internet is small if you know how to do a “deep search” and have the “tech”

    Conclusion: Reddit/NSFW rocks ;), kudos for ImagePorn.net

    I don’t mind, trolls and toxic people (I share, for those who appreciate the info, lovers of Erotism)
    Internet seems huge, but quality and preservation matters, keep good content shared and safe my friends and comrades.

    @GalOfRatio, seal of quality, Athena if you read this sometime, you are a beauty (inside and outside) 😉

  2. Anonymous
  3. whosat

    Good lord…..skeet skeet skeet!!

  4. Bootox

    Hmmmm….that wide hips. Sexy for sure….

  5. tomo

    Damn! Perfect booty on perfect waist on perfect body! I’ve gotta get to burning man….that’s where they found remy lacroix..someone needs to get this girl a porn contract….Damn!

    • DG

      she is better than remy imo. remy is prettier though

  6. naughtynuff4u

    i’ve misread public as “pubic” lol.

    • Funkyship

      Wow! No hallucinogens necessary. Incredible hips. Thanks for posting BOTD

  7. Al bundy

    the best photos you’ve posted this year.

  8. DG

    i dont get the tittle

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