27 Responses to Yoga Pants On and Off

  1. Peter

    Did anyone notice that weird dog (i dont even know if it is really a dog) on the second one?

  2. Kelvin

    My wood stood up

  3. Trevasotilo

    she was on asstastic on reddit a couple of weeks ago

  4. resevoir_dog

    she responded…

    “Hi I am sorry to inform you that is not me 🙁 ”

    awesome that she got back so fast – i’m a huge fan of hers btw.

    send me your paypal bud… so who is it then?!

    • botd

      Haha. Bro honestly I don’t want you to send, I said let’s do it just for laughs. Only send if you’ll feel better by honoring the bet or something. But for real I won’t get mad if you don’t send. The paypal email is bootyoftheday at gmail

      Yeah it’s cool that she responded quick. But I don’t know who it is.

      • resevoir_dog

        i’m a man of my word bro. check paypal. good times brother.

        • botd

          Thanks man. And I did that thing you asked.

  5. Realest

    She’s not Alexis Texas tho. Where do you get these pics BOTD??

    • botd

      Lots of places bro. There is no one place. But you’re right, it’s not Alexis.

      • resevoir_dog

        bet $5?

        • botd

          Hmmm, if you’re willing to bet me, kinda sounds like you know something I don’t. But oh well, okay let’s bet anyway for laughs. Let’s make it a little more interesting tho. How about $6.50 through Paypal. I say no, it’s not Alexis Texas.

          • resevoir_dog

            i’m game buddy. i don’t have any insider, but that profile looks dead on to me as does the bikini style she wears often. i’ll try and get her to respond unless you have a better idea?

          • resevoir_dog

            ok i sent her an email. lets see what she says.

          • resevoir_dog

            hi alexis – long time fan here… hope you’re doing awesome! can you settle a little bet for us? is this you? i say yes and my buddy says no.


            thanks so much!

          • Anon

            She was on Reddit as a Banananananaa or something like that.

  6. Bootyman96

    Awesome picture. I would like yoga n yoga ass no panties so I’m ready to go.

  7. iceman8069

    Pants up or down doesn’t matter..her ass is gorgeous and what I wouldn’t give to smash the fuck outta her!

    • iceman8069

      Meant to say what i would give..lol

  8. Fenuccj

    Seems like some thing else is competing. See left side in second pic.

  9. resevoir_dog

    alexis texas – pretty certain.

    • MOGO

      Thea Alexis Samper

    • Bootyman96

      Got the “Alexis” part right lol

      • resevoir_dog

        same person – haha MOGO’s just showing off with her real name 😉

  10. beardo

    Those thighs, and that ass. Good lord. I would motorboat that booty

  11. Al Bundy

    Yoga pants. My favorite. Is it weird to say I would rather see some ass in tights than naked? :0

  12. CPT

    thats beautiful but she needs a name!

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