19 Responses to Fine Friday Frontals – Part 8

  1. Duder

    I second that. Who the hell is 7?? holy shit

  2. Homer

    Uhhhh 7??? Name??

  3. M

    Number 6?!!??? I’ve been trying to figure out her name for almost a year! Anyone know her?!!??

  4. heroin
  5. heroin

    http://imgbox.com/adspuYt4# this is number eleven , Connie Carter!!

  6. M


  7. Electriwizard

    BOTD does it again. Another set of fine women. All of them beautiful and curvy. Thanks, it makes me feel alive. Lovely women.

  8. DP

    I just wish I can see the backside of all of them

  9. herpaderp34

    Who’s number 2?

  10. G

    Number 5 is [making me feel] alive.

  11. yop

    Someone can tel me the name of the 15?

    • Wacster

      Number 15 is Jaime Hammer

      • yop

        Thks so much


    i’ll take a number 5 and 7 to go please.

  13. jopa

    I missed a lot these posts, thank you BOTD

  14. poohbia

    1,5,7,12 yess

  15. iceman8069

    Every dingle one of them is beautiful & perfect! Dammit!

    • Nooice

      Both me and my third leg concur.

      • iceman8069

        Lol…yea,I feel the same way buddy!

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