14 Responses to Blondie Fesser Public Bang

  1. Big daddy


  2. The Corizo

    Whats her name ?

  3. Spungn

    YES!!! She totally has my 2015 vote for booty of the year!!!!!!

  4. illlphil

    She needs to sit on my face!

  5. Yeah

    She looks like a thicker Sara Jay to me…

  6. A2
    • Chris

      Well thank you fine sir!

  7. DG

    she’s too artificial for me and i have to admit im surprised im saying something like this o.o

  8. blackfrost

    i love the close up of the last scene

  9. chris

    Anyone got a link to the full vid?

  10. Mr.30mins

    Found her a few days ago and wow this chick ass is awesome.. Already went and grab every bit of shoots she’s done, which was about 8 or so.

  11. naughtynuff4u

    i never would have guess she’s Argentinian. she looks too white to be Argentinian if you asked me.

    • Azz

      Argentinians ARE white. They are Italian/spanish.

  12. Nick

    Her build is insanity…

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