16 Responses to Blondie Fesser Facesit and Fuck

  1. Charles Webb

    Blondie is bad in every way

  2. swarpkof
  3. BlackBrockSampson

    Not her best scene. Not that her performance was lacking but I like scenes with more pov type angles. Reverse cowgirl pov angles are my favorite. Still tho… This woman’s ass could solve world hunger

  4. KingJ

    With these recent pornstars, she’s a goddess among girls

  5. poohbia

    That bonus walk is too nice

    • KingJ

      My n**ga

  6. Pete

    Quickly becoming my favorite

    • iheartbutts

      it was love at first sight for me… lol

      • Pete

        haha I was a bit slow with the love

  7. AlphaBlazee

    Damn! Does anyone have a link??

  8. Bootyfreak

    Lucky motherf! I want that too!

  9. iceman8069

    I want her ass on my face also! And I would fuck her like I hate her!

  10. Charlles Pepper

    I found!!! Is Nachos Monster Tits, Scene #03 feat Blondie Fesser.

  11. Charlles Pepper

    What’s the name of the movie, please???

    • Yeah

      Blondie Fesser kills everything she does!

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