56 Responses to Virgot Peridot Booty Twerks

  1. Alf

    Yeah, I like Me some Virgo, the black dude did his thing fucking this bitch

  2. Michael Filmore

    I’d buy that for a DOLLAR

  3. Victor Perreira


  4. DoesHeLookLikeABitch

    Damn there I was, taking a break from watching SJW cringe videos and watching Milo and now this shit on BOTD too? I think I need a safespace..

  5. Ghost

    There is a saying “If you want it done better, do it yourself.”

  6. 1_love

    Caroline Pierce, Flower Tucci, Miss Lady, Alexis Texas, & Ava Rose That’s my top 5 Pawg Pornstars right there.

  7. poohbia

    The comment section be serious business sometimes

    • Naughtynuff4u

      Tell me about it. Its an opinion. People always make opinions into facts because they say so or my opinions aren’t the same as theirs then therefore i’m wrong.

  8. 100 cm lover

    She’s what a real PAWG looks like. Thick stomach but thicker ass that jiggles and doesn’t look like two boulders were implanted into it. Don’t know why people saying she’s ugly. She’s nowhere close to a dogface.

  9. RK

    Phat ass. Garbage can face. Awesome!!!!

  10. KingJ

    Virgo, Ava Rose, Ryan Smiles, Briella Bounce, Celia are in A TOP 5 of mine but i really have a TOP 10 List

    • BlackBrockSampson

      That’s a hell of a starting 5 for PAWGS right there. I used to love Briella Bounce. I wonder what happened to her. Ryan Smiles is def my favorite now. It would be Blondie Fesser but her scenes are mostly trash cuz nobody knows how to shoot her from good angles and they always have her on that outdoor public sex bullshit

      • Zorken

        You nailed it about Blondie, bro… she’s in my top 10 list too, but those dudes gotta learn how to shoot a scene with her, damn… her recent work for reality kings is worth checking out though..

  11. Jay
    • KingJ

      Sabella Monize AKA Duvy. She also did porn too!

    • poohbia

      Does anyone know where I could find more like this?

  12. theMAc

    mmmmm that ass always hypnotizing uff love this PAwG Virgo……… wish she did a scene with Ava Rose who’s a retired Porn star,,, Ava Rose Was my all time favorite specially how thick she got in her last 20 scenes,, her early career scenes she was skinny and boom she grew some hips and ass at the end haha ..

  13. alf

    Yooo BOTD what a niggah gotta do to see some black bitches?- do I gotta sacrifice a small unblemished goat to Molech? Do I have to fast for 40 days and eat unleavened bread at twilight/ early dusk? Do I have to flog myself excoriating all my past transgressions out of penance?! Please God show me a sign! As the Israelites tired and surfeit of eating only man’s in the exodus of Moses to the promise land I am beyond sick of seeing white booty. …. I raise my trouble supplication.

    • alf

      Eating only mana* … Damn auto correct

      • Naughtynuff4u


      • botd

        That’s not how it works. I don’t go around looking for a specific color to post. That’s a bit racialist innit.

        • Joetuss

          Not really racist, i would say it’s more of an observation. You claim that you don’t go looking for a particular color to post, yet the majority of what we see on here is white girls. Black and Latino woman damn near corner the ass market yet, you somehow find a way to post big butt(fake or shopped) white chicks as if they don’t represent the minority in this particular category. Hell, I’ve even seen numerous post of white chicks with barely any ass and countless others that are obviously fake or photshopped. This is your site, and you can do/post whatever the hell you want, but if this is a site for the appreciation of ass, the sistas and the mami’s should have a much bigger presence then they do. All respect to you.

          • botd

            1. I didn’t say racist. I said racialist like Ali G innit.To me racialism means separating people into different categories. Sorry but the only type of way I categorize girls is… |   Thick Asians   |   Other   |

            2. If you don’t see many black girls here, blame the industry.

            3. Show me one other booty site that posts more diversity than BOTD.

            4. See my comment here.

            5. See my comment here.

            6. See my comment here.

          • alf

            Joetuss, I lie to ya not bruh, one time BOTD posted a white booty so flat it was religiously offensive, I happened to be the first one to comment.. Short story he took down the post of that disgrace, maybe induced by my indignant comment maybe not, all I knew was that shit was sad. My conclusion Joetuss, just like hip hop and other “urban” culture… They extract elements from the “Urban’s” culture and synthetically add it to their own then it somehow becomes approvable. But as long as it’s “urban” it’s just too “urban” for them. Too unadulterated… They have to dilute it… VoilĂ - and here we are.

          • botd


            Again, all dealt with.

            1. There’s no such thing as booty culture.
            2. Black girls didn’t invent booty.
            3. There was big booty before there was races.
            4. The first big booty porn I ever saw on the internet in the 90s was all about big booty white milfs.
            5. Even if I never saw a black girl, or a white girl, or a Latina girl in my life and I was just living with the Eskimos, I’d be trying to get with the big booty Eskimo girls because that’s how I was programmed from birth.
            6. It’s nature, not nurture. It’s from genes, not culture.
            7. Seems like I can’t use logic and reason to argue with somebody that doesn’t understand or value logic and reason.

        • alf

          BOTD you’re a bit of a “racialist innit” yourself. You are “seperating” white girls as if their booty is the SUPREME booty – i.e., ‘White Supremecy’. See how that works? U can always label somebody as racist.haha. and by the way their are plenty of sistas and mami’s with ass out their. Don’t claim you can’t find them because just like you be posting white chicks up here from Instagram and twitter you can do the same with sistas and mami’s. There is just as much actually more sistas n mama’s on social network with ass-material to share. You just honestly seem white-girl-bias. Which is ok if this was “PawgOfTheDay.CO” you wouldn’t even see my black ass here “trolling” cuz I wouldn’t be interested. So I’m not racialist, whatever u call it, u paradoxically r because u segregate unequally and unfairly where the white girls get the majority of the shine esp, in culture whose inception began with blacks and mami’s….. Oh no brotha, ohhh no

          • botd

            All your points have already been dealt with. No point in constantly repeating myself.

          • Horrorshow

            holy shit calm the fuck down bruh, it’s just ass. Nothing to have a fit over, if you wanna see more black ass, find more black female pornstars, its much better than whining and complaining.

          • poohbia

            While I agree with some of the things Alf is saying, at the end of the day i just come here to discover new content, especially with more people posting in the comments than in the past

            If I see a post im not interested in, I just move to the next, its not a big deal

            That remote island analogy botd mentioned is spot on btw lol

        • alf

          BOTD, don’t retort and not disallow a reply response, don’t be a despot. Now, since ” I don’t understand logic and value “, and ” Black girl’s didn’t invent big booty” and ” there was big booties before their was races” ..to quote and cite your erroneous and egregious statements that are self a contradictory in premise… I shall now refute you so effortlessly you’ll seem inane. BOTD, the black woman was the first woman!!! Even science has ascertained and attested to that!! So if the black woman was the first known woman on the earth Technically she DID invent the ‘ big booty’ ! which leads to the corollary ( next consequential result) that black women as a whole invented ‘big booty culture’. And black women were the big booty women “before their was a race” ( as you say) because they were the first and likely only race for sometime… Smh you were the one who got personal and insulted my highly adept powers of faculty and cognizance, had to offer my repartee. Sorry

          • botd

            If you’re implying that I disallow replies sometimes by removing the reply button, I don’t. That happens when comments get nested within each other too much that there’s no more room. In that case click the reply button in the comment directly above and put @botd or whatever.

            Yes we all evolved from an African female, that part is true. But to equate her with black girls of today is both wrong and problematic. I don’t think you realize what you’re saying.

            And on top of that, by your logic, you’re also saying that black people invented homosexuality, violence, disease, etc, since we all came from Africa, which is silly.

            My point is, booty has nothing to do with race or culture, because if one of us was born in a remote region of the world in a tribe that never saw white, black or Asian girls, we’d still be attracted to big booty, because it’s in our genes. We wouldn’t have been influenced by any culture.

            But you know what, I’ll give you that point rather than open up a can of worms. Okay you win. So how about this. Rather than complaining, how about you offer a solution. You want me to post more black girls. Tell me how I should do that step by step. What’s the very very first step I should take?

          • Zorken

            AHHHHH ENOUGH IS ENOUGH What the hell man did we really reach the point where we gotta discuss evolution and genetics and shit HERE? Dude, if you think this site is so wrong and you reeealllyyy wanna see black asses so much go to pornhub or xvideos or something and search for it, man… but if you won’t do that, why should my homeboy botd do that? Are you paying his bills or something? Oh, that’s right you aren’t..

            What happened to the maxim “a big white booty is the black man’s kryptonite?” geeeeezzzz..

          • botd

            He seems to care more about black women than black men. Or at least he pretends to, so he can look like a hero, a knight in shining armor, or you know, a social justice warrior. Little does he realize that SJWs ruin everything. I mean uh, enough is enough.

          • Zorken

            What’s next? “Linking PAWGS is racist because white girls with big asses are culturally apropriating it from blacks, because blacks chicks own big asses because Africa and evolution and shit”..

        • alf

          Don’t know where else to reply. But I say this. I did not win. Shit.. I’m a nigga at heart. I speak my mind. BTW I know what I’m saying so I don’t need anyone to intercede for my misguided reason. Don’t have a solution for u posting black chicks. That’s you. And I ain’t no damn hero. Only time I ever been a hero is when I finish a sub… Like I always said I’m just a cantankerous muthafucka that speaks shit. Man I ain’t shit and at the same time I am the shit. BTW.. Look how we had this muthafucka jumping. Haha

      • nahh

        all i can ever envision wen this guy posts is alf the alien with his gold $ chain refering to will tanner (the dad) as “my nigga” or is it “my niggah”.. i can never remember.. ohwell.

        alf.. eatn pussy since 1986

        • Zorken


    • Joetuss

      Lmao I witcha bruh, that original booty don’t get no love on here

  14. Jason
  15. BlackBrockSampson

    I wish she had a better face.. but that ass is phat and the jiggle is wonderful

    • Zorken

      That’s right bro, Virgo is definetly in my top 3 best fat white asses of all time list..

      • Naughtynuff4u

        At least she don’t have implants otherwise it wouldn’t have any jiggle physics. Who gives a fuck about titties? Lol.

        • Zorken

          I mean, Virgo already got an absurdly fantastic ass, she gets a pass for not having that much of titties.. and I actually give her props for keeping her tits natural and not getting fake ones.

      • beans

        whos the other two?

        • Zorken

          Those would be Kelly Divine (in her prime obviously, not now after her pregnancy that she has become a whale) and Ryan Smiles (when she’s not in jail lol), my good sir.. Unfortunately I can’t precise to you whos #1 #2 and #3, but I guess you understand me lol..

          Alexis Texas and Rose Monroe are in my list too, but not in top 3, I guess..

          • Pete

            Hahahaha damn you called her a whale bro !!?? Hahaha you ain’t lying tho

          • Zorken

            LOL bro I only wish I was lying man, heh..

            take a look at this video and see it for yourself, if you haven’t already:


    • Milton Fine

      Ha. When I saw her in this post I thought the same thing. She does much better when she doesn’t turn around and show that mug. But her body is outstanding!

  16. Aaron Baron

    I wish she had big titts

  17. Anon

    Nirvana has split into two halves you can squeeze your face between, and you’re worried about what she named herself?

    • Naughtynuff4u

      Let’s not state the obvious here about her ass anyways i already complimented on her ass previously. I didn’t say i’m worried about her name. That name doesn’t sound right. Its not something a girl would name herself. I expect a name with a good representation that compliments her ass, ya know? That’s all.

    • nahh

      id be more worried bout how dopedup she looks.. on top of being busted and trashy.. but hey shes doin her thing.. until her druggy butta face outweighs her ass… in like a yr!

      • Naughtynuff4u

        I don’t find anything wrong with her face in particular. I’m not picky on butterfaces. I mean there are some good looking butter faces but it makes the butterface look better with make up. Makes you forget she has a face by looking at her ass anyways therefore you get no complaints from me about her and her face other than her name. (-:

  18. naughtynuff4u

    She has a good looking butt, but (no pun) her name sounds fucked up. of all the names this is the best that she came up with? i know why she calls herself virgo peridot because shes born in august but come on, make up something such as a clever pun about her ass into an original name makes more sense.

    • John Doe

      DAT ASS and you’re pondering her handle? Lol

      • Naughtynuff4u

        Im not pondering about her name but at least i’m not talking about her face like everyone else.

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