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  1. Paul

    Ironic that you get these negative comments from black dudes saying you hardly ever post any sistas,yet the amount of videos you see where it’s nothing but black guys banging PAWGS. As someone mentioned in a previous post, there are hundreds of sistas with big booties, but how often do you come across a white girl with a great ass? I have a Tumblr page dedictaed to curvy women and people would think from some of my posts that i’m only interested in white women. Nothing could be further from the truth if you look at my page as a whole – white,black,hispanic,asian. It’s just a rare treat to come across images of true PAWGS, that they tend to get posted more than anything. A great ass is a great ass no matter what colour,race or creed. That’s my page,so i post what i like, or whatever i can find at the time,the same with you BOTD.

  2. SL

    Ay BOTD dont let these haters get to you, you got supporters from all over. I’m Chinese and goddam I feel like I’m the only one in my race who likes THICK big booty chicks, keep up the good work

  3. orlando66
  4. Ghost

    Spicy J is my fav … I can’t even.

    • Ghost

      I can understand folks complaining that they want to see more sistas – I wouldn’t necessarily tell them to go to other sites. The fact that they are complaining here means that they like this site and they wish it was “better”; though it being better is really a subjective thing. They want to see what THEY like. And I can understand that too. But I think you guys are too caught up in your own feelings to listen to what BOTD said. He said “THIS IS A SITE FOR THINGS YOU DON’T SEE EVERY DAY.” Everyone and their uncle knows that sistas have that body … it has been a pop culture phenomenon for well over a decade. Personally I can relate because I grew up with the belief that only sistas got it. It wasn’t until I was in my 20s that I really started to see white girls and Latinas with ass. So whenever I see a sista with a nice ass it has become something I expect to see, nothing novel about it. But Latinas and PAWGs are still fresh to my perception so I like what’s going on in this site.

      • botd

        Amen brotha. We think alike, except for one thing. Unlike you, being all nice, kind, sweet and shit, personally I tell them to go to another site.

        • Ghost


      • Pete

        My dude, well said !! Now can we get back to enjoying some ass and stop making this shit about race…we already gotta deal with that bullshit in the real world, let’s not bring that shit over to this paradise

  5. Jaleel Sanchez

    I appreciate BOTD’s choices. My eyes light up when I see a black woman here, but I take happily what’s posted usually haha. Especially since http://bigbootygifs.tumblr.com/ went down as well lol.

    Cheers BOTD!

  6. Maxwell

    Damn I didn’t know BOTD became a black lives matter issue lmao, just enjoy the booty.

    • Zorken

      More like black booties matter lol..

      Oh just for the record, I’m okay with BOTD’s policy….

      I guess this is more an issue regarding the industry than BOTD per see.. I mean, just compare the number of PAWGS vs the number of big ass black chicks the industrie promotes and you will notice PAWGS are the great majority… I guess it’s not as easy for BOTD to find abundant material about black asses as it is to find about whites. Black asses are usually found in smaller, often unknown niche sites than the big mainstream ones..

    • Beans

      Exactly. Just enjoy the booty. Who gives a fuck what color it is.

  7. THE_CPT

    Super random but can anyone ID this female? Not a booty but damn those titties are BOMB.

    • chris


  8. meh

    she needs to make that assclap more heard !!!

  9. bigstorker1000

    She is too short (just 1.6 meter). If she would be 1.8 m height with the same proportions, her ass would be more hell than it’s already now.

  10. Booty Enthusiast

    Keep doin what youre doin. I love women of all color so I aint mad about the variety.

    • Q

      KEEP IT UP BOTD!!!
      If the haters don’t like it, then they can kick rocks!!
      I’m here until you stop!!!

    • Beans

      My boi Booty Enthusiat gets it.

  11. theMAc

    She need to quit playing and do porn Already with Guys, i seen her lesbian scenes but that ass was built for doggy style pounding .. shes never fuck on Camera with a Dude that’s Rare these days…She a bomb latina thats for sure..

  12. alf

    Bout time y’all put some chocolate bitches up here. She dime. Tired of seeing these fuckin pawgs man that shit whack

  13. young lord

    I appreciate the content, but im wondering is this a site dedicated to white and latin women. or appreciating big butts in every race besides black? I feel like if u trying to pull up rare talent, there are tons of black women that should be discovered. Im guessing this is a site for people who love big asses in white women.. right?

    • botd

      This is a site for things you don’t see every day.

      • C.A.

        BOTD said: “This is a site for things you don’t see every day.

        I see BOTD’s point here and I’m not mad at it at all. It’s not often that I see white girls like Jenna Shea or Asian girls like the ones BOTD post in reality (except for the one who used to work at my job, who comes close). Spanish girls I lump in the same category with Black girls, because I see them on a daily basis. I’ve been aware of thick Latinas since I was in 7th or 8th grade.

        But a big butt – regardless of the woman’s skin color – is always a movie when seen in real life. There’s a black BBW who works at my job who sort of has a body like TheOnlyHydro, which means there’s no hiding her ass! And I’ll tell you what, I look forward to seeing the girl at my job over TheOnlyHydro online.


      • Beans

        And I love it just the way it is botd.

    • alf

      Young lord fuckin thank you! Niggas n everybody know ain’t nobody got mo ass than the sistas yet this site steady showing weak ass pawgs n fake ass booty pawgs. Some pawgs got ass but not like em sistas. Shit!

      • Joetuss

        Dudes in here be sweating the hell outta them photo shopped /fake ass white chicks, I swear i see like 60 comments under those post, but let there be a post of a genuine 100 % motherland ass from the sistas or some latin ass and it’ll maybe hit like 7 comments lol

        • poohbia

          Aint that the truth, those cement booty posts be some of the most active

    • alf

      N by the way u already know this site only for pawgs lmao. U get about 10 pawgs posted in a row n only time they show the sistas is when they’re posted in a collage with mostly White bitches. Gtfo! Hahah! Shit this site post more Japanese booty than black booty! Cmon son! Gtfo. Haha I used to come as a fan now I just visit this site to laugh at the bs

    • young lord has a point

      Thanks young lord, I think you’ve expressed what a lot of us are thinking when we visit the site.

      I have absolutely no bias when it comes to women (my gf is a fiiinneee PAWG).

      But based on your posts BOTD, it sometimes seems like you go out of your way NOT to post black chicks. To say that “This is a site for things you don’t see every day” comes across as a weak cop-out.

      With all that being said, I love the content regardless of your personal preferences. Thanks for all of the great posts.

        • alf

          Still Boyd. Your website is called bootyoftheday not ‘rare bootyoftheday’ man live up to your title

          • botd

            I don’t understand what you’re saying bro. How is this not a booty site? Booty has no color. I mean are you trying to say black girls invented booty? Are you trying to “culturally appropriate” booty for black people?

            First of all, that’s fucked up what you said a couple of days ago, when you called other black guys “coons” just because they like white girls with ass. The fuck is wrong with you? What kind of ignorant shit is that.

            Second, there was big booty females before we even had races. Before we were even homo sapiens. Before homo erectus. Shit, probably even before Australopithecus, for reals.

            Third, how many times do I gotta school you sons of bitches. Nobody chooses who or what they’re attracted to.

            Fourth, ever heard the term opposites attract? It’s very common for us to be attracted to somebody that’s physically different from us. It has to do with the evolution of our immune systems. Do yourself a favor and read about evolution, because it explains everything, and maybe you won’t be so ignorant.

            Fifth, are you trying to say that the thousands I mean millions of black guys that come here because they, through no choice of their own, are attracted to white girls and Asian girls with big booties…Are you trying to say that somehow they’re wrong and bad, and you’re right and good? Fuck outta here. Get off your high horse. Stop trying to be a hero cause you’re not.

            Sixth, I don’t know what cult you’re in, the SJW cult, the Black Lives Matter cult, or if you’re making up your own bullshit ideology. But whatever it is, it doesn’t fly here. I’m gonna keep it real, fuck being politically correct.

            I had like 5 more points, but the chemicals wore off. Maybe next time. And you’re lucky I’m fucked up, otherwise I would’ve ignored your ass.

            By the way, feel free to say whatever you want, but you can’t insult people. Only I could do that.

          • botd

            Another reason a lot of black guys prefer thick white girls and thick Asian girls is because…Since thickness signifies health, then seeing that rare PAWG or thick Asian sends a clear signal to our brain that they’re healthy and ready to be inseminated. And since most black girls are thick with big booties, our brains see something that’s rare as more desirable than something common.

            Another reason is, some black guys probably see white girls and Asian girls as something to be “conquered” … for lack of a better word. Probably because they’re “forbidden” … for lack of a better word.

            No I’m not just making stuff up. I’m pretty sure everything I said is 100% scientific.

          • KingJ

            You tell’em BOTD!!!!!!

      • Pete

        Y’all are some serious soy babies and must be new to this site !! BOTD has posted MANY pics & videos of sistas. I find it funny that people complain but yet, there’s MANY sites out there that shows nothing but sistas. How about this my dudes, either hit those sites and get all that you’re looking for or create your own site and post whatever you the hell you want………I swear some of y’all are more bitches than bitches

        • botd

          True I told this dude once like last year to make his own site and post whatever he wants. And now, a year later, he’s over here, still complaining. And I tell people all the time to leave if they don’t like it. None of them have ever given me a dime.

          I mean how are you gonna go to somebody’s site and try to tell them how to run it? That’s like me going to your house telling you hey I don’t like your furniture, or hey take those paintings down and put these up instead. You’d probably kick me out with the quickness.

          And true, there’s mad sites that are dedicated to black girls. The difference is, I post all kinds of girls over here. In fact, I’m gonna make a post soon called “International Booty,” where I put links to all the different races and ethnicities I’ve posted in the past, so I can prove once and for all that no site in the word posts more diversity than BOTD.

          • Pete

            I’ve been here long enough to see all the different ass that has graced this site !! Like you said, not one of these cats are paying you but yet will complain & I remember ol’ boy you told that too and yup, still here complaining about what you should post up on YOUR site. All I’m gonna say my man, we appreciate the time you do put into this

  14. Rgz47

    She is more of a caramel, not chocolate.

  15. TrickDaddy1649

    THIS IS SOME BULLSHIT!!!!!! I click on the link expecting to see Spicy J, but I don’t see her. You guys need to take down that link to Chocolatemodels.com since they don’t have any content of Spicy J. THIS SHIT PISS ME OFF!!! But whatever, I guess the upside is that this is the first spam I’ve seen on this site. False Advertising.

    • botd

      The video is from chocolatemodels.

    • Udderman

      Go to the “sexyclipstore” section

    • R Dray

      Google “chocolte models Spicy J” and you’ll see they have a ton of content on her you fucking dumbass.

      • R Dray


  16. BootySlayer

    I’d drag my balls through a mile of shard glass just to be able to stick my face in her ass.

    • poohbia

      IDK about the dragging balls part, but I agree with everything else

  17. Iceman8069

    I’d do everything imaginable to this broad! Damn she has a perfect damn body!

  18. Xai

    This woman’s ass is insane.

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