28 Responses to CassyBaby Big Cam Booty

  1. 843bigred

    smash and smash again

  2. Naughtynuff4u

    Her booty has a shape of a perception of a fish eye lens. Even her booty has a booty.

    • BigAssVoyeur

      “Even her booty has a booty”.
      Now that’s a new one!

  3. Iceman8069

    Meaty ass…just how I love em!!!

  4. Alley Al

    To quote a modern poet, Hova “leave chick(s) pigeon toed, (some of them) be crawlin’!”

  5. poohbia

    The fish eye camera lense makes this chick suspect

    • Naughtynuff4u

      That’s right. But the thing is it looks too good.

  6. BSD

    Friends –

    I like big tits and I LOVE big asses, but there is just something about fakeness and enhancements that just doesn’t sit well with me. I just can’t get wid it. Unless I miss my guess, it looks like there has been some external assistance or image manipulation here.

    So put me in the pass column.


    • KingJ

      I completely agree, same here. I’d Pass

    • Ghost

      There is definitely some kind of image manipulation going on here. Though I’d still smash. The first GIF (before she turns sideways) kinda gives you an idea what she looks like without the manipulation.

    • Pete

      I’m with you bro, I’ll have to pass on this one myself

  7. 1_love

    DEFINITELY would smash

  8. Darius Taylor

    Juicy Booty

  9. Jason


  10. Douche Baggins

    That thing is so freaking fake, which I don’t always mind, but it just doesn’t look right… PASS. Ugh.

  11. Aaron Baron

    she’s all over youtube

  12. spiderm

    Fake as fuck

    • Naughtynuff4u

      I’ll have to ask, what made her get to look that big? Probably from eating all that buffalo meat and she’s as thick as one.

    • onlyhdlover

      She used to have an instagram account, but it was cancelled or something…Have not look for it…
      Let me know if you find somethin
      tha antidote instagram

  13. alf

    We put fake booty before we post some real sistas’ ass? Smh… Speechless on the sheer disrespect

  14. Pauve
  15. alf

    ‘Ella Grey’ now that bitch “ass got ass” .shit.

  16. Paul
  17. Juan

    S m a s h

  18. Assgod

    I’d go above smash tbh

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