BFF British Latina Cam Chat Girls



2nd one: “Oh you wanna see my ass??? I can never say no.”

3rd one: “We’ve been bad girls. Who wants to come over and help us spank each other??”

Actually I had it on mute, but I’m pretty sure that’s what she really said.

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  1. Name

    Name and/or full video needed, thanks!

    • botd

      I forgot her name. I’m sure somebody else knows, but it’s either from or

      Don’t know about a full one, but for another version that’s a little longer (it says 1:39, but it repeats, so it’s less than that … but still longer than 14 seconds), go to the following link and then click the video button to see it on xhamster…


  2. Douche Baggins

    I can’t watch spanking anymore… gives me nightmare flashbacks of Game of Thrones when Joffrey has the one whore whip, then beat that other one with the stag head scepter. Fuckers ruined it for me!!

  3. KarlotaLover

    Karlota Sweet has a nice arse too, she is also on

    • botd

      Thanks mate. Yeah I was planning a post of her.

      Also, not sure if you own/work for the site based on your email/IP, but I put up two links to it when I made the post to link the source.

  4. fMR
  5. boss

    I can’t find the first bitch on the website. Her ass is much better than the rest.

    • botd

      There’s no bitches on this post, just two lovely ladies. First one is Valery Saenz.

  6. Speedy;:3

    OMG!!! What a nice pussy 🙂

  7. Bootox

    Wow! I’d like to spank that booty too! Just to hear the sound of her moaning…

  8. Bootyman96

    What a combo a British Latina cam girl n she got an ass!

  9. Yeah

    British Latinas. lol that’s new

  10. Maxwell

    British Latinas wtf didn’t know that existed

    • Pete

      It appears we must go out on a hunt and find this rare breed of BOOTY

  11. blackfrost

    greatness and so much more to it

  12. Ilovemesomefemalebooty

    Damn! That pussy looks soft as hell! This is why i love latina women. Super thick and amazing in bed.

  13. poohbia

    Anyone know who #1 is?

    • botd

      I think their names are Valery and Kimmy. Click the video button link and then search those names in the search box.

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