11 Responses to Hourglass Shaped Curvy Cam Girl

  1. raekwon

    looks like shes got a fake ass

  2. Suresh

    Good one. Babe this plump has gap between upper thighs. That’s always a good sign of right amount of plumpness.

  3. botd

    Trying to find out how many people I can get to watch if I streamed myself playing Elden Ring on Twitch. Was watching Vaush and was like I’m way better…


    But I’d need to get mad fucked up first to be confident and comfortable enough to do that.

    • Hentai Jose

      I’m down! That game has been my life the past two weeks. lol

      • botd

        Haha, nice. Let me know what you think of this tip to rune farm. You might know it already or are way past that point…But fast travel to the Impassable GreatBridge on the bottom right, get on your steed and gallop past as many of those doggy dinosaurs as you can, and then gallop back to try to lead them to the soldiers. Then get on a high hill, preferably the one closest to the tower with the arrow shooters, and just leave yourself there and walk away from the game while they kill each other. Come back after 5 minutes and you’ll have made about 5,000 to 9,000 runes by basically doing nothing, so just fast travel to the same location and do it again and again. Mo money.

        • botd

          Oh I’d ask if you wanted to join forces to slay some monsters together, but the version I have is bootleg so I have to block it from going online.

          • Freshcakes

            I love how we’re talking about elden ring !
            Beautiful game so much fun

  4. Ajab


    Hey, Man! What’s going on with your (and every other PAWG-centric) Twitter account?! Every post after March 6th is “age-locked!” Not assuming you have any part in decisions Twitter makes, just would like to know your opinion on the matter.

    Used to be that all the good stuff was on Tumblr, moved to IG, then ended up on Twitter. Now it’s all content blockades for people that would rather avoid handing over our personal info to open an account just be able to look at cheesecake.

    • botd

      March 6 of this year or last year? It might be because I set the account to “adult content”. Btw, try to type bootyoftheday in the search bar and see if the real BOTD comes up. When I try it, all I get is bootyoftheday1 to bootyoftheday9999, basically everything but mine. I thought I was being shadowbanned or censored, but it’s probably because I set it to adult.

    • botd

      I’m also on Reddit if you prefer that…at u/bootyoftheday. I’ll try to post more on there.

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