44 Responses to Big Booties in Yoga Pants – Part 6

  1. aluvio


  2. AssGifsGirls


  3. heroin

    http://websta.me/p/827099205253803161_12557634 that girl is dammm!!! Biancca Iannizzotto

  4. Willie Beamon
  5. Nick

    Number 8 Is fake, right?

    • Nick

      As in padded pants as a joke?

  6. Nick

    I cant believe number 4 isnt photoshopped



    • botd

      Actually, I was gonna do a post about her, but then I was like wait a minute, let me take a closer look because that body doesn’t make any sense. And it seemed to me like a lot of the pics had distorted backgrounds.

      Edit: Anyway, here’s the link, because regardless of whether they’re real or fake, they’re interesting and probably should be seen.


      Edit 2: I don’t know what happened to that Instagram, but here’s a funny page of somebody blasting her…


      • Nick
        • botd

          Most likely.

          Anyway I had to replace her pic for some other reason. All the zooming in on her pics to find evidence of PS got my Spidey sense tingling about something else. That’s all I’m saying.

  7. ks4714

    I know this is about the booty, but the look on those two old ladies faces in #15….LMAO!!!!

  8. Charles Pepper

    The last one is Jessica Amaral.

  9. M


  10. I like booties.

    Who is #3 and #8??

  11. poo1 gup

    #12 is @soychina

  12. TheGenius

    All I can say id…..HULK SMAAASSHHHH!

  13. heroin

    number 1 is Andrea Calle 🙂 http://instagram.com/andreacallecorp

  14. heroin

    number 7 is carmen ortega 🙂 http://instagram.com/carmenortega

  15. heroin

    15 i dont now your name but is great!!! http://instagram.com/cbquality

  16. heroin

    number 14 is Jaydashian or Jasmine @Lesbumbum 🙂 http://instagram.com/jaydashian

  17. heroin

    number 9 is Biancca Iannizzotto your isntagram : ) http://websta.me/n/bivncca_

    • DG

      the real mvp: U xD

  18. DG

    who are 2, 9, and 13?

  19. Albert

    4 is @thatgirllemy on instagram,

  20. Bootyman96

    Today’s my birthday BOTD and this yoga pants post is awesome! Thanks for making my BDay a little better.

    • botd

      Happy bday bro. No doubt.

  21. botd

    I would’ve posted the Kim K, but that would be like posting somebody else’s artwork. Plus it’s too mainstream and is pretty much on every other site.

  22. bigswole

    names for #s 2 4 and 11 asap please. thank you.

  23. iceman8069

    #’s 6,13 and 15!! Damn!!

    • JJ

      #15 is Jen Selter. Google that name and you’ll get nothing but more lovely shots of her “exercising” that ass. Lol

      • iceman8069

        I believe #15 is cbquality…the hot yoga chick

      • DG

        jen shelter <<<<<< cbquality. also #15 is cbquality

        • yeah

          So true 42nd comment. CBQuality is 10 times better than Jen, heck she’s even underrated.

  24. yeah

    Good shit as always BOTD. I’m Liking number 7, 15(CB!) and 16, damn booty competition is getting better and better.

  25. Sticky1

    You have to 1 up yourself on the next round BOTD. All I have to say. Fabulous display.
    Keep it 100%
    Get them Kim K. pics up bruh.

    • yeah

      Hell, yes. Should have been even posted yesterday, the internet was partly broken cause of that PAPER cover…

  26. Al Bundy

    7, 8, 11, 12 and 16. Must have names.

  27. Mr. Plow

    Man, you have outdone yourself with this collection. Fantastic!!!

  28. blackfrost

    yea it’s not safe for me to be on the road if one of these people are on the side running

  29. Traxx

    2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11

  30. John

    Names for 4, 12 and 14 PLEASE!!!!

  31. Roy R

    Dear BOTD,

    Thank you, kindly and Happy Holidays! Another outstanding post….

  32. Billy Rueben

    Who is #11? Muh gootnez

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