Hourglass Shaped Fit Girl

One of the very few thin girls I’d let inside my bedroom…cause of that hip-to-waist ratio. Actually I should say living room, kitchen, or bathroom, cause that’s where the action happens in my place. I’m sure everybody agrees that porn videos that take place in a bedroom are boring as hell. Also web models posing on a bed…unfappable.

Just realized I’ve been posting mostly frontals rather than booty. Even the next two I planned might be frontals. Oh well. The only people that have a right to complain are the 5 Patrons. Everybody else can suck it.

Okay I thought of some more people that matter…

  • – the commenters
  • – the likers and retweeters on Twitter
  • – the upvoters on Reddit
  • – the ad clickers/pressers
  • – anybody that clicks/presses any of the old Bangbros, Reality Kings, Brazzers, Naughty America, or other premium site links and signs up for membership
  • – anybody that goes up to their friends, relatives, or coworkers like “Hey let me tell you about this site called Booty of the Day…”
  • – or anybody else that helps in any other way
  • Be a good person. Be like those people.

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17 Responses to Hourglass Shaped Fit Girl

  1. gerardo garcia
    • Ajab

      Thanks for the link, but people that don’t have their own twitter accounts (people that lurk) only see “age restricted” notices without the option to “view.”

      So while a few see cake, the rest of us ain’t seeing a thing.

      • botd

        Also I think he’s trying to spam his friend’s Twitter, or he’s a she, and she’s trying to promote her Twitter, but there’s no way for me to know for certain, and maybe he’s just sharing a link, so I let it go.

  2. a

    who’s this?

    • botd

      Check out the link on the bottom of the post or press it. In some cases I don’t want to type it out because these girls search for their names and then get the posts taken down.

  3. botd

    April Dawn…


    Again, none of these are super great, just good or okay.

  4. botd

    Going through my computer and deleting videos that aren’t good enough to make posts out of or to use to you know what, so might as well share the links here…


  5. botd

    Thick gilf Kitty Wilder…


    I got some weird taste. By weird I mean great. The best taste ever.

  6. botd

    Pretty and sexy. And that long hair is hot too…


    I probably like girls that look like that, and also Asian girls, cause I look like the complete opposite in every way. That’s probably what they mean when they say opposites attract.

  7. botd

    Speaking of body shapes… My brain can’t decide if she’s hot or not, but that shape is unique… https://voyeurhit.com/videos/142906/amateur-exhibition-cutie-showoff-for-mardi-gras/

    Quality sucks tho.

  8. Suresh

    Great looking one with healthy WHR. A keeper definitely.

  9. botd

    The sad thing is…some people would actually call her chubby.

    • Ajab

      At the image board sites, she would be a prime example of a “final boss.” The last image in a random contributor PAWG battle post. *NERD FLEXING*

      In regard of a certain demographic calling her chubby, it’s all a matter of perspective. One mans Birth of Venus is another man’s abomination, which is fine. The issue lies within how determined some people are and the lengths they exceed to express their disgust. They parrot their culture, their “talking-points” that they themselves might not necessarily believe. The TV sez it, The Preacher Man sez it, Maw sez it, Uncle-Daddy sez it…. well dagummit it must be true!!!

      These are the same lot that highjacked the term “thick” into oblivion. People use it to describe furniture now.

      • botd

        Haha, truuuuuue. I think they use amount of weight rather than distribution of weight to determine what’s chubby or fat. But somebody with an hourglass figure, regardless of how much they weigh, is the literal exact direct opposite of somebody shaped like a ball. I mean me and Arnold weigh a lot, but that’s because we’re pure muscle, not “fat” or “chubby”. Haha j/k, I’m totally wrong. Arnold isn’t pure muscle.

        Did you see that YouTube video I posted a while back with the three professors talking about the Science of Sexual Attraction and waist-to-hip ratios?

        Oh and hey everybody, I promise I’ll post something before the night is through.

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