Damsels in Dresses

20 Responses to Damsels in Dresses

  1. Daniel Walker

    That booty is extremely fuckedup,i just wana fuck them!

  2. Pototi

    Who is #6 the Asian one?

    • JM


  3. LM

    Who is the second ? Red and Blue… PLzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. Iberian

    Who is #11? She is a ebony goddess, I love her!

  5. Udder Appreciation

    8, 12, 13, 16

  6. M

    5,14, and 15?!!!!

  7. 843bigred

    One of the best post in a while! I want all of those women, I believe u put damn near all my favs up here. Need a part 2

  8. Jay

    Is #4 briella bounce?

  9. miguel herrera

    Name of the girl in the rainbow dress #13

  10. blackfrost

    very nice, i can only imagine one of them coming in for an interview at my job….they won’t have to say anything, i’ll just hire them on the spot lol

  11. jaymak

    congrats sir…..

  12. Roy R

    Just got home from work…opened a cold beer….havent even drank it yet….outstanding post!! Gracias, amigo!!

  13. Jason

    The girl in the last video is STEPHANIE SANTIAGO! Here is her IG: http://instagram.com/stephanie_santiago

  14. Pete

    I think you just topped yourself sir….

  15. Spungn

    Ya, I agree wid poohbia….usually NOT a fan of clothes sets, AT ALL, but, this one…….fuuuuuuk! Good job brah!!!

  16. poohbia

    Best fully clothed post in a while, nice

  17. bigswole

    magnificent post.

  18. Electriwizars

    #1. Bootyful. Name, please?

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