17 Responses to Curvy Girls in Sexy Dresses – Part 4

  1. bootox

    Oh, man! That #2! And she loves to show that ass…NNNNNGH!

    Incredible compilation.

  2. CK

    Iskra Lawrence is fake, a few months ago there was a Real World audition tape up of her and she was so flat. All of a sudden she’s bonkers and gaining so much publicity.

  3. Bill

    #11 is Pamela Santana IG @pam.santanaa

    • Electriwizard

      Good job!! All of them are incredibly smashable; but #11 can have my paycheck. Best compilation to date.

  4. botd

    Nah sorry.

  5. poohbia

    I’ll take #4 and 14

    • Cjay

      always a good job primerino… do you know if any have twitter?

      • primerino

        not sure, I didn’t see any profiles on their IG accounts so I don’t really know. plus to me it seems more girls post on insta so that why I usually just post the IG accounts. Hope that helps man.

    • bootox

      Primerino, you’re really the master of Booty-fu!!! I envy your skills! lol

      Jokes apart, thanks mate.

      • primerino

        thanks man, just trying to help all of us booty lovers out. 😀

  6. semof

    Holy shit bro, best compilation ever :'(

  7. city heat

    Yep- 11, wowza.

  8. Hulk

    1,2,4,6,7,11,12. Any one of them….all of them. Hulk Smash!!

  9. Electriwizard

    #11 does it for me. Those thick legs, calves and ass.

  10. beardo

    Then cankles though.

    • rgz47

      I don’t mind one bit. Comes with the territory.

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