32 Responses to Curvy TikTok Girls in Sexy Dresses Part 7

  1. bob2847

    we need a compilation post of just @abbioladerose

  2. BootyBay

    number 1 and 5?

  3. Convict Trump

    why not just add the names to begin with, that way nobody would be all like “name??” in every post…

    • botd

      Because more comments on a site is better than less.

  4. AreJay


  5. zac

    number 7 please ?

  6. zed
  7. lolman

    Number 3, 8 and 9?

  8. johnn456

    Do you have from number 6, 8 ,11 ???

  9. Anon

    Would you mind linking all of them?

  10. Hentai Jose

    Anything on 2 and 6?

  11. Namio Harukawa

    Do you have @ from number 9, 10, 12?

    Hot stuff on this site, thanks for sharing!

    • botd
      • Anonymous

        B A M ! Thanks again, Booty Lore Master! Was waiting on this particular one’s url.

        While typing this I’m watching a live hearing and these Republican politicians are grilling a representative of tiktok’s parent company harshly. They’ve got such a fire under them. Some of them are so “shaken”, it feels like they finna leave the stand and smack the tiktok rep upside the head. It’s so one sided. Kangaroo Court type shit.

        If only they gave a single fuck like this every time there’s an incident with some redneck going hog wild with a military grade rifle at a school or any public place. I hope tiktok doesn’t concede to any of this posturing.

        • botd

          Damn I just watched some of the clips. How are these people in positions of power where they get to pass laws while not knowing anything at all about what they’re talking about. And I’m sure the underlying reason is something to do with money. Other social media platforms probably have lobbyists that line their pockets while tiktok probably doesn’t.

    • botd
      • Tightdresslover

        Bro #12 is ridiculous, wow

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