Every Day She’s Strugglin

Girl struggles to put her pants on. Press the button to slowify.

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  1. 123qwassezzz

    Dude, where are new posts? Im waiting for a 2 days.

    • botd

      I need to take some type of break on the weekend so I don’t get burnt out. Plus I’d rather post less shit but better. Got a lot of good stuff lined up for this week though.

  2. Redemon88

    Nice, cant stop playing it, I need someone’s help, can someone tell me who this women is http://gravitythanks.tumblr.com/post/20293953390/worldofboobs-big-classic-retro-boobs

  3. Byron
    • botd

      Thanks. I’ll post a gif of the split when I do another set of big booty splits. But I’m not a fan of twerking. That’s why I don’t post it.

  4. Seven

    Here’s her instagram: http://instagram.com/iheartjasz


    thanks for the slower button. she was moving too fast i lost count on how many butt jiggles before i counted to zero lol.

  6. DanRather

    Everyone deserves a little help and I volunteer.

  7. Yo

    Nice bubble on this white girl. Clip might be better at half speed. What’s her name? Full video link?

    • botd

      I added a slow motion button.

      Do a Youtube search for “struggles of having a big butt” …

    • st33zy

      she not white, she latino or something and this is a clip from vine, she doesn’t do porn or anything she’s in college like shit so thats the most you find from her you can she the whole video here its the second clip

      • Redemon88


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