13 Responses to Hearty and Hairy Amateur

  1. B

    I would still lick her hairy pussy any day lol.

  2. e'lan


  3. Senorfrog

    Oh to the M G

  4. blackfrost

    is it just me or do others like having a mustache when they go down on a girl?

    • botd

      I’m sure about 6.3 to 14.8% of males in the world agree with you.

      Nothing wrong with that, but personally I don’t like hair in my mouth. Ya hear me ladies. If you’re clean shaven, call me.

      • blackfrost

        lol it’s all good. i also know they have an old saying “grass in the field, play ball”

    • Milo

      I don’t like the hair part though, it’s just the rest of her body which is amazing…
      Don’t we have a name of this chick?

  5. Byron

    I would definitely take a safari into her bush

  6. blackfrost

    my mind is a wonderland when i come to this site

  7. Milo

    Holy crap, nice! Any name?

  8. blackfrost

    i’m with you tboogz but it’s still great to look at.

    • Tboogz

      And the best part blackfrost is we can have sex with ALL these girls!…. In our minds lmao

  9. Tboogz

    God bless a whooty! Where was all this vanilla thickness when I was single n hunting?!

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