17 Responses to Kat Dennings 2.0

  1. Khristian Peel

    Please do more of these!

  2. Andrew J Bennett ,Jr

    I love what she is working with.I will not be afraid to be seen with her!

  3. Obsessed

    Who is next on the 2.0 roster?

    • botd

      I don’t know man, I’m starting to get tired of doing those, unless you have a good suggestion.

      • Obsessed

        Hayden Panettiere, Victoria Justice, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Ellen Page.

        I like these alot so I keep a list.

        • Obsessed

          And Anna Kendrick

        • botd

          Okay, yeah those sound good. I’ll see.

  4. LeRiddler

    Yep. She’s an actress, and she’s funny…

    Here are some nudes that got leaked a few years ago:

  5. Cunning Lingus

    I remember her from Big Momma’s House 2

  6. realreal

    she’s your typical petite thick and curvy white girl. I love her that way, and like people said before, she doesn’t need the photoshop treatment.

  7. mee(a)t

    I remember her from The 40 Year Old Virgin

    Yeah she’s quite curvy in real life

  8. Squidhunter

    She is in Thor as well

    But in Thor she hides those Tig old Bitties

    She defiantly doesn’t need the photoshop treatment

  9. MSDF

    the ass is shopped, but it’s still great without it

  10. C.A.

    I’m actually glad she doesn’t really look like that.

  11. Douche Baggins

    She’s been in a bunch of supporting roles in movies… she’s on that current TV show called 2 broke girls, it’s pretty funny. She’s curvy in the right places without a 2.0. Definitely on the top as far as current hot chicks in hollyweird.

  12. iceman8069

    Kat doesn’t need anything at all, that chick is perfect the way she is…giving me a chubby just thinkin about her!

  13. dannt

    impressive, looks like photoshop, but its hard to tell since I dont know who is that lady…

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