23 Responses to Ladies, Assume Positions

  1. DJ Swibbo

    There’s a first? Nah, I’ll just go for a reverse gangbang

  2. BJ

    Kelly Divine has the best ass, then Phoenix, then Bridgette. But Bridgette has the biggest tits and prettiest face. Phoenix has the next best face, then Kelly. As far as tits go, they’re all close though.
    So I guess I’d fuck Kelly first, then Phoneix, then Bridgette. But this is an unfair question bc all 3 are in my top 10 pornstars I’d want to fuck mkst! Unfair question! Best answer is all three at one time!

  3. Mike

    Bridgette b en 1er me fais trop bander son cul il ne demande qu a se faire demonter par ma queue. Puis phoenix en 2em une bonne bourre ds cul. Finition kelly moue moyen.

  4. Rudy raxx

    Down..set…fuck one

  5. Dancun98

    First kelly ,second phoenix, third bridgette and then finaly kelly

  6. The Truth

    Bridgette first then Phoenix and finally Kelly. Reason being every time you come it get harder to get it going again. That is why you leave the best for last. Your definitely not going to a problem being ready for Kelly’s big ass.

  7. poohbia


  8. Desipimp

    3-way tie for me! I wouldn’t last long with any of them! I could eat those asses all night long though!

  9. blackfrost

    how about all of them at once. see how long you last lol

  10. GreenEggsAndHam

    1. Bridgette B.
    2.Phoenix Marie
    3.Kelly Divine
    4.Then Repeat

    ~ Dr. Suess’s Friend

  11. JohnBakery

    First Phoenix Marie. Second Phoenix Marie. Third Phoenix Marie.

  12. Milo

    1st Kelly, 2nd Bridgette, 3rd Phoenix.

  13. haris Smith

    1st kelly, then Kelly and last Kelly

  14. yoyo

    phoenix marie mann all day!

    • Ctgis

      Same here, man.

      Then it’d be Kelly Divine and lastly Bridgette B.

  15. Jay

    Kelly would have to go first. And if it is good as I think it would be, second and third.

  16. Robert

    KELLY DIVINE!! & then Phoenix Marie.

  17. StickMan

    Kelly Divine

  18. Steve-o

    kelly got a finnne ass… but gotta go wit Phoenix baby

  19. Bee

    1st Kelly next Phoenix and then Bridgette. I think Everyone would smash Kelly divine 1st!!!

  20. Booty Lover

    C’mon, Kelly Divine all day!

  21. Dray

    Gotta go with my girl Kelly Divine.

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