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  1. Caesar

    Not sure where this came from, but here’s some new material for the fam (bout 20 mins):


  2. Dennypas
  3. That_dude


  4. DC

    Sorry m8, they are a bit 2 barbie 4 me. I am more into next door curvy babes. Thanks 4 posting though!

  5. Electriwizard

    Whether they’re strippers, porn stars or escorts; they’re some fine material. I’ve paid for escorts like that; and would do it again!!

  6. BigSwole
  7. yeye

    yo I remember someone saying diamond doll strips in mississauga.

    … what club? lol

    • BigSwole

      I’ve heard they’re linked to a spot called Cannonball and that they’re all high priced escorts too.

      • yeye

        Damn, just searched Google for Cannonball and nothing. Fuck 🙁

        • BigSwole

          google the name plus toronto

  8. poohbia

    These hoes are fake as hell but I cant stop watching

  9. BigSwole

    she never disappoints. i’d also strongly rec her homegirl aaliyah maria. not many know about her and it’s hard to find decent new material on her but she’s a winner.



  10. Pete

    My question is, who is the blonde friend ??

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