15 Responses to Diamond Doll Phat Booty Vines

  1. $cotty

    I’d love for her to be my Strict Mistress and tie me up and gag me and sit on my face and than I’d dick pound her brains out 😉

  2. Chaos


  3. BootyLover

    Please sit on my FACE! 🙂

  4. Fatpat1251

    She’s for sale I heard… She’s on backpage in Canada…

  5. Pauve

    Big booty as hell :O

  6. Ye

    What club does she strip at?

  7. E

    Stupid Question BOTD!

    Yeah, i’d hit it though.

  8. BSD

    Friends –

    For me there has always been something a little irritating about Diamond Doll’s act, but Lawd I would smash her until the cows came home. I don’t care what she’s had done, I just wanna climb up on that donkey.


    • C.A.

      what’s annoying about her act?

  9. Ilovemesomefemalebooty

    If i could hit that prone bone(her laying on her stomach) and doggystyle, then i’ll be the happiest man alive!

    Who cares if she had some work done?!? Once you’re hitting that big booty from behind, you’ll drop all those silly complaints and start enjoying that shit forreal!

  10. Pete

    Yeah she had work done BUT I’d still knock it out the park

  11. Douche Baggins

    She’s lookin like she had a ton of work done… you can see the lipo stomach look which tells me she probably had it injected into her ass. Why fuck with what was SO awesome already? I’d still smash it, but fuck….

  12. iceman8069

    I’ll knock her screws loose! Smash the living daylights outta her! She looks like she’s a squealer too…I’d love to pound her out n make her squeal! just sayin….

    • Yeah

      When she was younger her figure seemed better to me.

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