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  1. fanbootyday
    • JustinH

      I heard her first name is Natasha, but couldn’t get her last do you know it?
      P.S. you are god for sharing this vid

    • bo qazi

      good god almighty

    • Anonymous

      @fanbootyday: G̲O̲O̲D̲. L̲O̲O̲K̲. _Women shaped like this! All day! Everyday! If we could figure out the name of the pageant in the video, her name will pop up 100%!

  2. caesar

    That blonde seemed hella out of place lol

  3. poohbia

    Nice find

  4. Iceman8069

    Goddddd….the things I’d do to her!

  5. fanbootyday
  6. Alf

    At last I have been placated…I shall dissolve into nothing now

  7. Ya boi skinny penis

    To all the gods of the multi-verse.

    Thank you.

  8. Pete

    Hope all is good with you my man !! I’m sure you’re busy over there with life so appreciate you taking the time to update new material…..Happy Holidayz brotha

    • botd

      Thanks man, you too.

  9. Assman


    You’re welcome

    • onlyhdlover

      Thank you Mr Assman, you are the man.

  10. 1_love

    PERFRCT 10

  11. Goldy

    Magnifique, Bonita, fuck it… Outstanding!!!

  12. Dibz

    Can somebody ID this ???!!!
    It’s obvious it’s fake but this one make me do an exception!


    • blahblah

      Yes, please, who the fuck is that!

      • pfunk_us

        Kelli Staxxx

        • Dibz

          Thank you!

  13. Decker
    • Gluteus Maximus Decimus Meridius

      Goes by the name of Kora Kryk my brother. Pic is from a while back though. G

  14. Udderman

    Damn! I sure hope it’s not photoshoped

  15. Kingass

    It’s Carmela Anthony on shegotasslive. She lost a lot of weight, I hope she gained some back…

  16. kyle429

    Not meaning to hijack the post, but I think I may have found the “holy grail” of African thickness. Check this BBW goddess out! 15 minutes and 21 seconds of chocolate heaven:


    There’s 3 videos of her on that website, but the above one is the best IMO. You’re welcome!

  17. mrfrantic

    Guys can u help me find Kelly kurves mixed magazine video

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