12 Responses to Curvy Argentinian Public Nude

  1. Big Mike

    Would fuck her juicy ass, even if she would be my mommy or sis.

  2. Jamil The King

    I have been to argentina before and never seen a body of a woman there like this before damn! I would smash her!

  3. Maxwell

    Que boluda tan buena, I’d impregnate her and hope my son grows up to be like messi.

  4. blackfrost

    another country i will have to visit very soon

    • yea

      women in Argentina like this are rare haha and i’ve rarely ever seen an Argentinian who looked like this it was usually just blond hair and a fit body. The started to look the same after while in regards to fashion and etc. Your better of going to brazil, colombia or venezula.

      • MOSTACHO

        hey “yea” i’m from Argentina, and you must visit the city of C√≥rdoba, especifically the “Universitary City” (la ciudad universitaria).. this kind of body can be found in 1 every 9 or 10 women.

        my neck hurts for watching so many girls like her.

  5. Charlles Pepper

    Who’s she???? Is the Argentinian version of K. Kardashian?!?!?!

  6. getapanda

    I had to make a user for this one. This is just crazy. Please tell me she has a following or some movies under her belt.

  7. Jackson

    i’d smash that in the ass

  8. iceman8069

    Damn…she is built! I’d have allot of fun with that!

  9. Yamakazy

    DAMN !!! name ?!

  10. John T

    you most be joking!

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