20 Responses to French Booty Walking

  1. yabajaba

    Man sometimes I wish there was more softcore porn of girls like these. As boring as it sounds, id like to see some more Mal Malloy style vids where they simply just walk around/strip tease a bit….get a much better view of the booty when they arent being pounded by a dude in a bunch of different positions.

    • glencocoe

      mal is a shitty exhibitionist as much as i love her body. In fact most women suck at camera angles among some amateur porn companies. However, i understand kind of. id like some good solid shaking and twerking, bbent over/etc.

  2. BootyWarrior


    Can someone give me her name? And botd should really find this chick

  3. Caesar

    Anyone else think she looked slightly like Mal Malloy at the end?

  4. DG

    just a beautiful view

  5. realreal

    This girl is my fav of the year, best ass i’ve seen in a while!

  6. MaverickDee

    I would sit through the notebook to fuck this chick

    • blackfrost

      i would sit thru the movie castaway just to knock it down lol

  7. tommytbaron

    Man, there’s no way I could walk next to that without putting my hand between those cheeks (or possibly my throbbing wang if my willpower were running really low). I don’t know how that guys does it.

  8. BSD

    Friends –

    I’ve seen three hardcore videos of this woman. Including this one.

    I would go to jail for this woman. I would go to jail for what I would do to this woman.


    • Anonon

      Do you have links or names of the other two video? I think I’ve seen the one of her and the two black guys from a previous BOTD post

      • BSD

        ANONON –

        There is one of Celia fucking the two black guys. There is one of her fucking the one white guy. And there is one of her getting gangbanged by three white guys. You can go to this website, http://www.indecentes-voisines.com/videos/, to see the previews of them. It’s all in French but you can make your way around it. There is also a box on the site where you can search using her name. Celia.

        B the way, all three of her hardcore scenes are available for download on the Porn Bulletin Board site.


  9. Douche Baggins

    Makes me want pizza with all that fucking cheese… she’s a little rough.

  10. bigblue

    Where can we see full video? Best booty ive even seen!

  11. iceman8069

    I’d bang the walls outta this chick!

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