Voluptuous Brazilian Hand Relief

voluptuous-brazilian-hand-relief-1 voluptuous-brazilian-hand-relief-2 voluptuous-brazilian-hand-relief-3 voluptuous-brazilian-hand-relief-4 voluptuous-brazilian-hand-relief-5 voluptuous-brazilian-hand-relief-6
Her name is Lana Paes, but in all the other videos I can find, she looks skinny. Let us know if you can find one where she looks thick like this.

12 Responses to Voluptuous Brazilian Hand Relief

  1. Jamil The King

    Damn i wanna go to brazil!!

  2. BootyluvrNo.1

    Brazilian are out of control.
    2. Luana
    3. Brenda Werner
    4.Monica Santhiago
    5. Nanda – BBW
    6. Soraya

    The first three damn are even, and Nanda only did a couple movies, so you know.

  3. bigswole

    damn, she is super bad

  4. blackfrost

    Just my kind of massage

  5. pizdec
  6. damn

    To close the debate, this is the definition of thickness!

  7. I like booties.

    Wow wow wow.

  8. CunningLingus

    Yo friends –

    Check out the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th GIF. Is it just me or do you guys think this chick looks like Denise Milani?


    • Spungn

      Like a cross between her and Spicy J!!!

      • bigswole

        spot on. but spicy j and skin tone might have the best body i’ve ever seen.

  9. iceman8069

    Oh man…id give it to this chick for real!

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