18 Responses to Alexis Rodriguez Booty Shaking

  1. hothornyass66

    That’s a Beautiful Ass! I Love it!!!

  2. Spinner

    Alexis Rodriguez – Scene 4 – Big Round Asses

    You’re welcome.

  3. poohbia

    After reading some of the comments, I looked her up. Chick doesnt look like she’d do porn from looking at her IG, interesting

  4. Kevin G

    I mean Jessie Rogers

  5. Kevin G

    Yeah that is kind of funny cause I had subscribe to her on YouTube as her name is Alyssa Gadson and she post most videos of her and family having good times, so I don’t know why she keeps coming back to do porn and my advised to her is that she needs to stop it like Jessie Rodgers did.

    • realreal

      what happened to Jessie Rogers? She had depression or something?

      • BigAssFanatic

        She got the herpes from doing porn that’s why she left porn bussiness.

        • BigAssFanatic

          Allegedly she say.

  6. Yeah

    shakin up!

  7. realreal

    it’s funny how this girl constantly comes back to porn, she doesn’t like it, it’s like slavery. I had her in instagram and she has depression and a little girl, she’s always posting positive stuff, and once i read a comment of a pimp threatening her.


    would bang tho

    • C.A.


    • James

      Haha seriously though

    • Mark

      well, now u made me feel awkward while jerking to this!!

    • BigAssFanatic

      Yeah, sad and I heard she suffer from different personality disorders or something.

      • BigAssFanatic

        But still she has nice big ass for doing her doggy-style .You know what they say “crazy head ,crazy in bed”.I know it fuck-up but I can’t help myself look at her.

        • BigAssFanatic

          My Mistake its “crazy in the head,Crazy in the bed” silly me.

  8. iceman8069

    Nice cheeks!

  9. dan


    Full name?
    More scenes?

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