12 Responses to Phat Booty in Bed

  1. bigbuttlife

    Would love to bury my tounge in that!

  2. poohbia

    I wish that was my teacher, i’d love some after school tutoring

    • Janos

      Keep wishing pooh some day when your man enough you won’t need tutoring!

      • poohbia

        lol im out of school bro, i was just saying

  3. iheartbutts

    those pics r nice…. but she definitely falls in the bbw section….. imo.

  4. Jason

    OK….. What does she look like? & is she REALLY a teacher?

    • Spungn

      Again – Jason – I don’t know for sure if this is her or not. She just has the same body type, and same color hair. Haven’t seen this girl’s face. She doesn’t show it in Reddit. But believe me, I’m gonna find out!!

  5. Spungn

    Ya, I mean, I’m not messin around when I say it looks JUST like her!!! Imma have to look into this more!! I’ll try and keep yall updated if u guys really care that much!

  6. Spungn

    1st off, it’s ur website, post what u want!! 2nd, she is a little chubby, but I’d still “trow a fukn” on dat any day. And 3rd, she REALLY REALLY looks like my kids teacher!!!!! Holy hell….she really does!!!

    • Source Awards

      Well apparently from her posts she is a teacher and she is mad horny all the time, so if I was you I’d go all in

    • botd

      Thanks dude. Honestly I was gonna post her link, but I thought people might think she looked just a little chubby in a couple pics.

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