Mandy Muse Walking

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Am I the only one around here that would rather see girls walking in the intro than actual penetration?

I mean cmon, there’s nothing better than two big booty girls holding hands going around the pool like this…

Amirite or amirite?

Well if nobody else shares my walking fetish, then just hope BOTD never has enough funds to do his own productions and hire his own girls, cause I’ll have like 10 big booty girls all holding hands walking around the pool at the same time, each wearing a different color see-through nightgown.

The porn industry aint ready for BOTD Original Productions.

28 Responses to Mandy Muse Walking

  1. AssNomad

    Can someone please tell me what movie this is from?

    • AssNomad

      Rump Raiders Scene 4

  2. nathan

    I need an ass like that for face sitting an ass worship..

  3. James

    Damn! Lovin that ass. Anybody know where this videos from?

  4. dillonsamo

    love the way that ass moves. especially the jiggle from that left ass cheek

  5. Rekka_Kien

    Can we get a link???

  6. Gobot90

    I gotta jump in and agree tottally with everyone. Virgo is one of my all time faves but all her vids are the same twerk nonsense.

    Even this right here is better but still not what id like to see, which wld be just her in heels and a thong walking around

    (Anyone know who she is?)

    • botd

      All I know is that her first name is Roxy. Last name might be Lynn. I think this is her too unless I’m mistaken….


  7. Bootlegger

    I wanna die in that!

    PS – Found a nice ass. Do you have a suggestion section?

  8. poohbia

    This girls ass just keeps growing, nice

  9. Traxx

    I think I just had a heart attack in my balls at the sight of that walk

  10. Yeah

    This is gold man. Still I think one the best booty blogs on here, you HAVE to do more of these!

  11. That_dude

    BOTD you got this one on point man! Nothing lovelier than watching a big ole phat ass walking. Add another person to ya fetish team!

  12. Olivett

    You are absolutely right! There is nothing more sexy than a girl with a big booty walking. I’m glad you brought this up and to see there are more people diggin it.

    This seem to be a fairly unexplored genre, so I definitely think you should dedicate a site to big booty walking or try to raise some funds for starting up your own productions, before someone else get first! 😉

    This is one of my favorites:
    My god just look at that big ass hanging out of those mini shorts!

    • E

      I agree with this an infinite amount of times.


  13. JE

    Post more of these!!!!!

  14. foolery

    its weird i was just thinking the same exact thing. Check out that last ryan smiles video with her walking on treadmill. Just that clip is like the best thing ive ever seen from her.

  15. Chammastakilla

    I’m down with the ass walking fetish. Nothing beats a calm video of a big fat butt just standing, walking like it owned everything in its path.

    Like the super stacked and the frontals, something like this would be great, but BOTD is the boss, so I’m down for whatever ass they got. lol

  16. Jason

    She has a NICE ASS. & It looks so soft.

  17. Zorken


    BTW dude, you just nailed it! Big fat naked asses walking is as sexy as it can get for me… actually I don’t give a shit about the actual penetration (I don’t want to see any dicks in the screen ruining my moment of apreciation of a beautiful female booty, thank you very much..)… All I want to see is an intro where the actresses just get to shake their asses and walk like this, also without any male voice there talking their usual bullshit to ruin the moment.
    Oh and I love when the asscheeks are so big that they giggle like they are having a seizure or something when the chicks are walking..

    • botd

      Haha. Was thinking about doing a site dedicated to just walking, but definitely no time for that.

    • Bootox

      The truth is: naked or not a big booty walking by it is a vision of paradise…

  18. dannt

    Great post man! thanks a lot BOTD. Walking naked chicks are awesome! I saw that ITC (crack) movies have lots of walking naked shots. Great topic.

    • botd

      True but I wish their booties were just a little bit bigger ya know.

      I’m sure you saw this one already…


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