12 Responses to Jenna Shea in the Shower

  1. mike jones

    twitter link doesnt work…. >:(

    • botd

      It works for me.

  2. the squidhunter

    If I lived in L.A. I would totally pay for that …

  3. blackfrost

    very good gif again.

  4. reservoir dog

    thumbs up my friends… thumbs up

  5. Jefferson

    Love how her titties are bouncing just as much. Going to need some serious artillery to bend her over!

  6. anon7389

    c-can w-we have m-more like this, onii-chan?

  7. Brent

    OMG Is their a full video?!

    • botd

      It’s just a Vine, but there’s a few more on her Twitter.

  8. One eyed monster

    Wit all dat wobble she could probly shake dat thing dry!!

  9. Bee

    I need to install one of those in my shower! A Shower Whooty!

  10. StickMan

    OMG… You go girl!

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