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Haven’t argued about this for a while, so it’s about that time. And I’m in the right state of mind.

People like to cry PS and act like heroes cause they found the “original” … as if the rest of us are idiots and Google Image Search is a big secret. These people don’t understand how the world works. 99.9% … I’ll repeat that. Ninety-Nine point Nine Percent of every pic you’ve seen online and in print has been PSed. But do you know why nobody talks about that? Because the original of every other pic is safely stored in the computers of each company’s graphics department and will never make it to the internet. Ask any photographer or graphic artist. Mind. Blown.

Go to a restaurant site and find me a food item that’s not PSed (Big Macs, Whoppers, whatevers). Go to a make-up site and find me a face that’s not PSed. Go to a car site and find me a photo of a car that’s not PSed. Go to a modeling site or pick up a modeling magazine and find me a photo of a girl’s face, body, hair and the whole godamn background that’s not PSed. Go ahead, go to Bangbros, Reality Kings, Brazzers, Naughty America or even Playboy. Find me even one that doesn’t edit the shit out of every pic before they post it. Shit, go to Playboy and find me a pixel… even one damn single pixel that hasn’t been altered.

In fact, I could even argue that with all the photo manipulation that’s done on all those sites, and with all the artificial tits and asses that all these models on these sites have, that BOTD is now the place to go to see the real shit (cause I try not to post implants and I post a lot of selfies and creepshots). Yeah I said it. Go ahead, somebody challenge me on this just for laughs.

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  1. GreenEggsAndHam

    You know BOTD I enjoy all of the pics you post whether its ps or not I come just to enjoy the pics,and save a few,but not analyze them and whine about them.

    You know if you don’t like his site you can easily go find another one theres a lot more, some that aren’t updated or not great quality (directed to the people whining about photshop). Be grateful that hes taking time to post great pics and still doing it to this day, because he could stop if he wants. If you want to find “Authentic/Real” photos then go ahead and waste your time searching for them, but assuming hes Photoshopping every photo he posts without any proof whatsoever is a waste of our and his time. Just my two cents.

    Thanks BOTD, and stay strong my brother

    ~Dr.Seuss’s Friend

  2. Janos

    Is it possible to make this a weekend thing? Controversy is good when your stoned. It’s to bad I have really FAT fingers.

  3. John

    First Santa, The Easter Bunny, Unicorns and the Tooth Fairy….
    I don’t even care.
    It’s still what I like!!!
    Keep up the awesome work and holding true to your expressions.

  4. DG

    ive been wanting to comment on here (BOTD) how RK overuses PS on her girls lol
    i like your site a lot and dont mind the PS pics whether it’s good to my eye or not because i know someone else might like what i dont
    so i try not to be a dick

  5. joe

    Everything you said is 100% correct. I’m a retoucher and photographer. If people knew what they WEREN’T seeing everyday it would shock them. The fact that we change things in the first place always seem to piss people off when they see the original. Like “she was so perfect before the PS”. Sorry, but i’ve never seen someone that couldn’t use some PS, even in the slightest. Hell, women putting on makeup is basically real life PS anyway.

    • Spungn

      A – mutha fukn – MEN dood!!!!!

    • botd

      Thanks that’s why I tell people to ask somebody that’s actually in the business. People ask why PS. The question is, why not. Why would you take a picture of something and then just post it without trying to make it look nice.

  6. cutter

    PS is a godsend…. Making “flat” assess “fat” or “phat” assess since…. Well whenever it started… Thank you PS!!!!

  7. Bootyman96

    I cared about the pictures at one point, but I felt that video was better because you saw the actual person and their actual size. I like photos still, but I prefer video of certain models or adult stars ’cause I love action man! Haha. And for the hell of it if anyone wanna PS pics for fun try that Celebrities 2.0 the site got. Its hilarious. Make Taylor swifts ass big! lmao. I think I’m getting a lot out of this Photoshopped Pictures conversation. Honestly Idc about how the pics are presented. I’m not that curious about picture alteration. Never thought about it much, but it’s good to know about it and now I won’t forget. Well, I won’t think about it much. All booty is great on here! I’ve been on this site since that Megan pineapple post. Yeah, a full year and never cared about anything else, but yeah this Photoshopped pictures conversation has been great. Still educated! Lol so yeah let’s stop now and post some links.

  8. poohbia

    I think the big issue for some people is that alot of the PS’d pics on this site are ridiculously altered from the originals.

    That makes it so when we want to look up the chick who we thought had a nice body to find more content, we find out that they actually dont look like they do when we saw them on here

    Its true PS is everywhere, but at least on most porn sites or in playboy, they dont ridiculously alter the images to where it makes the female look totally different from how she actually looks IRL

    Alot of the PS’d pics on here are ridiculously shopped, and that is the main gripe for alot of these guys. I’m not complaining and appreciate the work, but im just telling it how it is

    Nowadays I mostly only comment on video loop or gif posts, because atleast with those, I know I am seeing the real thing and can look up the female to see more content without being disappointed

  9. Udder Appreciation

    BOTD 1
    Tards 0

  10. jfierros

    just don’t listen man, keep the good wrok going on, your posts are awesome

    • botd

      Thanks man, but now it’s starting to sound like I really am making a big deal out of it. Well even if that’s true or I’m wrong about everything I said, I did it all for the text.

      Some people remember when this used to be a daily thing. I actually kinda feel proud of myself that I haven’t talked about it for a good few months.

      So until Autumn, or until somebody brings it up again in a condescending way…

    • botd

      I wish I knew some.

    • botd

      Jack Ass, you’re the AFX pro and the dude from 2010 right. Unless just assigned the same IP. That’s cool tho that you’re not tired of this yet.

      • Jack Ass

        Yup I’ve been dynamic since 2008. I know how it is, people don’t realize that we are making the internet a sexier place. The difference between us is that I don’t promote my women. Thickness is finally considered sexy. Enjoy what do and ignore criticism from idiots.

  11. Jack Ass

    Bro! I can’t believe I read all dis comments. Just delete the metadata, and people who don’t appreciate your work can go find a hole and %#@#&&#^Q@! I know you know, but some files need different formats to completely delete the data. I know sometimes I’m just an azzhole. It always makes me laugh how dudes just feel they have the right to,,, oh just FUCK it. Adobe should send you a monthly royalty check. Love all your sites plz make more sexy Vids.
    Oh shit it just went UP)(

    • botd

      Haha. Nah it’s not about the metadata. It’s that anybody can do a reverse image search on Google to find the original. But the thing is, anybody can do that. Not just them. That’s what they don’t realize. So if they’re new, they feel the need to educate the rest of us. And I’m not even saying they’re wrong for doing that. It’s human nature to wanna have knowledge and know about sh*t that nobody else does. That’s part of the reason so many people believe in conspiracy theories. So they can tell people like “Oh yeah? I bet you didn’t know that politicians are really Reptilians from another planet.”

  12. mee(a)t

    I wanna ask why is it a big deal when people point out that its PSed? I think most people know that all ads used to sell a product are altered to be better. The difference is that your website has a comment section. I’m not those guys who bitch about a blown up booty (though sometimes I disagree that the butt needed to be blown up, but that’s subjective) but I don’t think its that serious to make a post about it…unless I’m missing something. Also Y U NO ADD NYOMI BANXXX. I KNOW SHES BLACK AND YOU’RE RELUCTANT TO ADD HER CAUSE BLACK BOOTY ISN’T SURPRISING BUT COME ON!!!!

    • botd

      See that’s the thing. It’s not a big deal. Just the opposite. It’s like you hangin out at a news stand checking out a nudy magazine. And somebody comes up to you and is like, “Hey dude, you know all those pics are airbrushed right?” You’ll be like tf? You’ll be the one that’s asking what’s the big deal.

      Most of the people here know the deal and they know they could just right-click a pic and select “Search Google for this Image” … You don’t see them trying to get props or act like they know more than the rest of us by pasting the original. And it’s precisely because it’s NOT a big deal like other people make it out to be. Cause like I said, EVERYTHING is PSed to make it look better, but nobody makes a big deal about that because they don’t see the originals.

      Anyway you can point out that a pic is PSed all you want, but it’s the way that you say it that may or may not get a response from me. And if I respond, what’s the big deal?

      I’ll check out Nymoi.

    • botd

      Anyway a little controversy is better than no controversy. That’s what’s been lacking since the grand old days of Tumblr.

      Also, it’s better for your site to show up on the search results if you post a lot of text, even if it’s a bunch of bullsh*t. Otherwise, Google thinks you’re just spamming pics.

  13. iceman8069

    That’s that Jen Selter chick

    • botd

      Before somebody else corrects you in an impolite way, I’ll just say… maybe it’s not Jen.

      • iceman8069


  14. Uriel

    Let me rephrase then. YOUR Photoshops are not good enough to ignore. You just blow up the butt and think it’s so cool, If you want to compare your self to all those completely unrelated sites at least learn to Photoshop better.

    • botd

      Oh cool. A debate. Okay let’s break this down and be more specific so that we’re not just throwing empty words around. Are you referring to the BBQ booty pic? What do you perceive is bad about it? Is there a mistake? Is it too much? Is it too little?

      I never said my… I mean Brad’s Photoshops were good. But if we’re gonna judge artwork by how far it spreads and how much it’s shared, let’s just say they’re everywhere.

      • marco

        stop comparing yourself to bangbros, RK … they need to PS in order to make the people click and pay to subscribe. and there are video behind there pics so people can see the authentic ass just after clicking.
        i fully agree with uriel on the BBQ picture you photoshopped, the pic was beautiful orginally and i don’t get it why you PSed it. or maybe you can explain the “7 reasons” you mentionned.
        personnally if i go on BOTD it’s for the authenticity of the site and the beauty of the booties we can find there with creepshots or selfies for example. please don’t become a “fake” site just photoshopping everything just for the pleasure of photoshopping. or at least warn us when you do it. some people are like me and don’t like to be fooled and most of all like booties for what they are at natural..
        if we say some critics, it’s because we do like this site not for a free hate that you seem to imagine. we just want this site to remain natural and authentic not full of PS. sorry if im’ not very clear i hope you understood what i meant. had to repost it

    • botd

      I shouldn’t argue with the visitors here, but I’m at the point where I don’t give a sh*t anymore. I think I cared a little more before when I thought I was gonna be the next Hugh Hefner. I’ll still try to be nice tho if I remember.

      Anyway, dude, this post wasn’t directed specifically at you. I just needed a reason to mention some stuff I thought about before.

    • botd

      Just realized I made an assertion/claim without any evidence or backup.

      So I can show you a thousand examples, but I’ll just show you one. How many times have you seen this pic?


  15. Jason

    Hey Mr. BOTD man…. um… could U like…. go back to that thingy were u have folks submit links to porn & all that good stuff please?

    • botd

      Okay maybe tomorrow or next week. But anybody can post a link whenever they want.

  16. Chris

    idgaf. I come here to see the best asses on the internet. BOTD always posts the best shit. BOTD4lyfe


    • botd

      I feel like I need to reply to you since I replied to everybody else. So thanks Chris for the props, although I’m the type of person that feels weird about getting props. I’ll try to keep it up tho.

  17. botd

    And about not seeing the originals, it’s funny cause I know that a lot of guys get turned off when they find out, or they don’t get turned on in the first place because the pic might not be real. But the reason I know that this is not true for everybody is because of ummm… this guy Brad. Let me tell you about Brad.

    Brad is an employee here. I think he’s the culprit behind some of these blatant Photoshops. Anyway, he tells me one day. He’s like… “Man I don’t understand why people even care. I mean as I’m making adjustments, I know when a pic is ready when I can’t help myself but to rub one out. The point is, even being 100% sure that the pic is fake, I can still masturbate to it. So I’m sure there’s other people out there that don’t care either.”

    Oh, that Brad. He’s quite the character. I’m gonna have to terminate him soon.

  18. Bootyman96

    I think I’ve just been educated lmao! Wow.

    • botd

      Haha. Sorry bro, but that juicy looking burger on the menu is not real. And there is no spoon.

  19. Dubbs

    You know, BOTD, you’re right. You just helped me solve a funny problem I had for the longest time. Whenever I was on XLgirls (one of scoreland’s sister sites) I noticed I always preferred the photo sets to the actual video scenes that they post to the models. I always said to myself for some reason they look better in the pictures than they do in the videos, same set and location n all that. You just hit me over the head with the fact that it’s because of the photoshopping of the photo sets — obviously the girls look better, their boobs even look bigger in some cases, the shapes, all that. I know you were ranting, but thanks man you just helped me out.

    In addition to what you were saying, I am probably in the minority but I prefer not to see the original pic because 9 times out of 10 it leads to disappointment. It’s kinda like when someone believe in magic and you always have that prick that comes along and destroys the trick. “Hey kid, it’s all smoke n mirrors, see? There is no magic. Creativity + Childhood = Destroyed. Welcome to Bitter Adulthood lol.

    I look at it this way, to help us all out, we prefer to be able to find a name so that we can look for more content of that person/model. If the single pic is photoshopped, which you can usually tell because some shapes/ratios just aren’t found in nature, we will find out for ourselves. But don’t spoil it for EVERYBODY because one or two people were curious.

    That said, Booty of the Day = king of booty sites in my book. It’s the mix you get here that makes it best.

    • botd

      Exactly, same thing happens to me when I see a girl’s ass in a pic from a certain scene and then I see the video. :~(

      But yeah I always try to give names cause I know guys wanna see more of the girl, except in the case when it will lead to disappointment.

      This is not for you Dubbs, but for the heroes… Here’s another booty site…. Tell me which ass or hourglass figure has NOT been altered…


  20. Roy R

    PS or no PS is of no significance to me. I just sincerely appreciate all the fine material presented at this site and I thank you each and every single time I visit!!!

    • botd

      No problem Roy. Thank me by signing up with one of our sponsors, maybe even once in the next two years.

    • John

      I totally agree. Just enjoy the damn pix. I come here religiously to enjoy the site and the images.i appreciate the efforts made by BOTD authors. My day would not be complete without NUMEROUS daily visits!!!

      • botd

        You’re just trying to be nice now because of last time. Haha. Don’t worry about it John, you’re cool with me.

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