10 Responses to BBQ Booty

  1. wow

    You photoshopped this, didn’t you? I’m on to you…….

  2. donnie Darko

    fuck the food i wanna eat that ass!

    • Well

      I would rather fuck the ass and eat the food, but that might just be me.



  4. Uriel

    You use too much Photoshop with absolutely no reason. This pic was fine as it was.

    • botd

      If I did PS this, then there’s about 6 reasons, maybe 7 if you want to get technical.

      • Spungn

        I’m not noticing where u PS’d this!!! Am I REALLY not that observant?!?!

        • botd

          He just wants to be heard, so he’s nitpicking the littlest thing. But people don’t see the big picture. Let’s say Bangbros, Reality Kings, Brazzers, Naughty America, or even Playboy posted this pic. How much do you think they would edit it?

          Go to any of there sites and let me know if you find a pic that is NOT PSed to death. This is a trick question, because they all are.

          This next thing blew my mind when I thought about it and I never got a chance to share it, so here goes. Do you know why you don’t see the originals of 99.9% of every other pic out there? Because they’re all safely stored in the computers of each company’s graphics department and will never make it to the internet. Ask any photographer or graphic artist. Mind. Blown.

          • marco

            stop comparing yourself to bangbros, RK … they need to PS in order to make the people click and pay to subscribe. and there are video behind there pics so people can see the authentic ass just after clicking.
            i fully agree with uriel, the pic was beautiful orginally and i don’t get it why you PSed it. or maybe you can explain your 7 reasons.
            personnally if i go on BOTD it’s for the authenticity of the site and the beauty of the booties we can find there with creepshots or selfies for example. please don’t become a “fake” site just photoshopping everything just for the pleasure of photoshopping. or at least warn us when you do it. some people are like me and don’t like to be fooled and most of all like booties for what they are at natural..
            if we say some critics, it’s because we do like this site not for a free hate that you seem to imagine. we just want this site to remain natural and authentic not full of PS. sorry if im’ not very clear i hope you understood what i meant. cheers.

  5. Jason


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