Curves of the Year 2013

Okay so we know who Booty of the Year is. It’s Ryan Smiles for those that aren’t paying attention. But now it’s time to choose Curves of the Year.

This is only the second most important contest ever after Booty of the Year, so you must choose, but choose wisely. This time just let us know in the comments.

Approve of somebody, disapprove, or make your own suggestion. I mean this site is not about me, it’s about you guys. Awwwww.

Okay now let’s meet our lovely contestants. Let’s take it from the top. Here we have Jaye Rose, Avi Berri, Amazin Amie, Chyna Chase, Felicia Clover, Thaina Maria, Marleny Nunez and Tiffany Cappotelli. Winner gets the highly coveted Golden Schwing Award.

(Important note: Siri and Olivia Jensen are blacklisted from this site, so they don’t qualify, because they don’t understand how the internets work. Oh sh*t, shots fired.)

73 Responses to Curves of the Year 2013

  1. realreal

    Olivia Jensen, even though she’s dumb as fuck and the biggest cockteaser in youtube right now.

  2. drisvisic

    Tiffany Cappotelli :3

  3. Ted

    Marleny Nunez. Lord I hate to vote for her because of her incredibly obnoxious twitter posts. Just seems like a horrible person. But in the spirit of the cause and being an unbiased booty lover, those are pretty damn sharp curves.

  4. ks4714

    Does anyone have sauce on vid for #1? Jaye is too fine!!!

  5. reservoir dog

    tiffany cappotelli

  6. Bootyman96

    Is it wrong to say Jaye Rose is the British Version of Siri?

  7. brian

    Chyna chase all the way!

  8. SubWoof3r

    Tiffany Cappotelli. I dunno, she just has that ‘girl next door’ vibe that seals it for me. Maybe it’s the glasses…

    by the way, HUGE fan of your site! Keep it up! cheers from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  9. Brian

    Chyna Chase

  10. lover of the thick

    felicia clover all day

  11. Punisher0

    +1 Chyna Chase

  12. fibreoptic

    avi has the best curves hands down and she got no competition.

  13. DatQue

    Clover all over BUT I think Lexi Lockhart should have been included!!!

    • Pete

      Agreed may man

  14. DiMatador

    There is only one” Marleny Nunez “

  15. Pete

    I’m going with Felicia Clover…..I didn’t know all that stuff about Siri but you’re right, she has no claim or right to demand things taken down, water mark or not.

  16. Jay

    Love em’ all, but gotta give Chyna the props here haha.

  17. Chaos

    Ooooh, tough decision but I gotta give it to Felicia Clover. Look at all that thickness!

  18. DC

    Tiffany Cappotelli, without any doubt. She’s my absolute favorite. Awesome curves from any angle. Goddess alive, truely!

  19. Jack Ass

    My suggestion would be that Miley Cyrus dude. Who doesn’t like flat chested, flat ass. Duuuudes.

  20. Janos

    Thaina Maria is the lady for me. As a man I prefer wider hips. I need some to hold while making the love. Real women have hips..yes. It’s good that more men are finally conscious of how a woman looks more attractive with CURVES . YES!

  21. JD

    Hope you guys don’t think I missing the point of ‘curves’, but I have to say that my vote for the ‘whole package’ would go to Connie Carter. She just has fantastic proportions all over.

  22. foster89

    Marleny for sure I love the other girls but her curves are way better. If she did porn I’d go bananas.

  23. rall

    hey you forgot dominican posion aka mizz issy

    • botd

      Yeah she’s hot but she came out a while ago.

  24. botd

    I’ll give it a couple of days, then come back and count the votes.

  25. Jay

    Marleny Nunez. I guess I’m in the minority. She is sexy as hell. Has a bangin’ ass and boomin’ tits. I guess if she could deep throat, screw like a tigress in bed, and loves to clean and cook, she would be perfect.

  26. Desipimp

    #3 (amie) & #6 (thaina) & #7 (Marleny) are the top 3 here. Gun to my head I’d pick Amie.

  27. BlackDragon

    why olivia jensen not participate???

    • botd

      Because the dude that owns her pics and videos has a copyright laywer that goes around and gets her posts removed, even though I linked to his Youtube video and probably got him thousands of views.

      • BlackDragon

        ummmm its a shame…in that case Amazin Amie gets my vote!

  28. BigDoglj

    #1 Jaye Rose
    #2 Tiffany Cappotelli

  29. zoltan

    Jaye Rose! I mean, I was always amazed by her figure. Tiffany and Felicia are also very strong contenders in this category. You didn’t make this one easy mate. =)

  30. ArXiLaMaS

    Jaye Rose

  31. Andres

    Jaye Rose!!!!!!!!!! (yes, I believe that many exclamation marks are needed)

  32. Pepe Le Peuw

    Felicia Clover. That is thickness in all the right places!

  33. Bootyman96

    Damn I’m the 30th comment or something lol. Ok I guess my vote would be…. Pic 7, Marleny Nunez. Nice body under that dress. All the other chicks are great, but Marleny got my vote. Botd funny how you decided to do curves of the year on the 4th day of the new year lol. Anyway well I wonder when the results of Curves of the year come out. I bet after this you’re gonna pull new categories or something haha. Later ppl.

    • botd

      Yeah it was kinda an afterthought. You never know, I get some crazy, nutty ideas sometimes.

  34. Cole_Cash

    Thaina Sushina all day. I mean, that gif is crazy, hips and flat stomach. Can’t belive no one mentioned her.
    I would go with Avi Berrry next, that crazy body, but the face is hum.

  35. Reaper2122

    Chyna Chase all the way

  36. DG

    my vote goes to olivia jensen and amazin amie

  37. Stacks

    I’m sorry but have yall even seen the Avi Berri WSHH video? She gets my vote hands down. Those curves are insane…

  38. Rodriguez...

    Jaye Rose hands down
    Im a fan of her ,Tiffany Cappotelli , Chyna Chase, and Felicia Clover
    but jaye just tops them off in this case
    – my opinion of course

  39. Gonzolives

    Felicia clover. No doubt!

  40. blackfrost

    as much as i want to say Jaye rose, i have to go with Avi Berri and not just cause of the red hair but the tattoos.

  41. botd

    Janey Buckingham would definitely get the D, but she’s been around for a while so she doesn’t qualify.

    • ks4714

      Wait, what? I don’t see anything in the rules about that kind of disqualification!!! If she’s been around for a while and no one comes around with better, I don’t see why she couldn’t take the title (or me) again and again and again!!!

  42. Shaun

    Chyna Chase all day

  43. t

    Damn them some sexy girls

  44. asianasses

    Jaye Rose. dat accent, red hair. ass.

  45. botd

    Well my vote goes to Jaye Rose like I said in this post in August. But it’s not up to me, it’s up to you guys, so I can still be vetoed. We’ll see.

  46. BSD

    Friends –

    I LOVE, and really wanna fuck Jaye Rose, but in a close one I’m gonna hafta take Felicia Clover. That gif of Felicia was when her body was at it’s most perfect. The definition of curvy thickness. Lawd have mercy.


    P.S. –

    As gorgeous as they both are, I know all about the problems with Siri and Olivia Jensen. I’ve had some direct interaction with Siri and let’s just say that she makes it difficult to be a fan of hers.

    • botd

      Funny thing is, they’re only shooting themselves in the foot. You’re supposed to try to get more presence on the internet, and try to get more links added that point to you, not try to get them removed. They live in Bizarro World. Yeah I said it.

      I mean I don’t know what your interaction with Siri was, but if it’s something else entirely different than mine, that’s even worse. That’s two strikes.

      • DG

        Siri the blonde pornstar with bit titties?

        • botd


          • DG

            And why aren’t there more pictures/ videos of Olivia Jensen? she is surreal

      • BSD

        BOTD –

        My issues with Siri have nothing to do with her controlling her pictures on the Internet, and everything to do with her terminal beyotchness and disingenuousness with porn consumers and people who wanted to be her fans on two separate other issues.

        #1 is her constant rudeness and complaining about how she is marketed in porn.

        #2 is her constant lying bullshit about her reasons for not doing interracial porn for the first two years of her career.

        It’s a long involved story that’s taken place over numerous internet forums over the past year. And it’s not really fair to ruin this discussion of beautiful thickums that we love by talking about one that ain’t in the contest, but trust me she is a real piece of work.

        Maybe some other time.


    • Kako

      What happened with Siri?

      • botd

        She went after everybody on Tumblr that made gifs of that scene of her riding…from that Digital Sin video. Her complaint was that they cropped out the watermark.

        In my defense, no I didn’t include the watermark for aesthetic reasons (like I mentioned before, I’m not a fan of watermarks, I don’t even put my own), but I had two links pointing to Digital Sin on my post.

      • botd

        I’m sayin legally, I don’t even think she owns the content anyway right? Don’t they sign it off to the porn site and then Digital Sin would own the rights?

        But I removed it from Tumblr like she asked anyway cause I’m not a dick.

      • botd

        I’m probably saying too much, but f*ck it, the more controversy the better. Just ask Perez Hilton.

        Hmmm maybe that was her plan all along, cause now we’re talking about her. Oh Siri, you’re a sly one.

        • Dagore

          thx for explain man, I don’t think you said “too much”. I like to know this kinda stuff…to know better where I’m standing

          (“where I’m standing ” is an expression here, don’t know if you guys have it there as well)

          • botd

            Yeah I think it means the same thing here in the NYC area.

          • Dagore

            I’m a BOFD fan from brazil by the way 🙂

          • botd

            Cool. Brazil represent.

          • blackfrost

            siri would of made a good candidate but oh well. that sucks

  47. eddy

    Olivia Jansen. Oh I can’t say her? OK. I know this is a booty site but I’m gonna have to go for Chyna Chase because of her big ass titties.

    • botd

      Technically this is a curves competition, so Chyna Chase is a valid choice. I mean she has both big tits, and big booty.

  48. Byron

    There’s something about Avi that gets me going.

  49. Wixman

    I gotta go with Amazin Amie. She’s got the full package. Some serious competition, but there we have it.

    • botd

      Good choice, but what if it’s fake? Not that you or I care, but other people might.

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