Miss Louboutin Instagram Pics

I have mixed feelings about this one. So confused.

As Shakespeare once wrote, “To fap, or not to fap. That is the question.”


via @therealmisslouboutin

23 Responses to Miss Louboutin Instagram Pics

  1. botd

    I think the technology for ass jobs, tit jobs and stomach jobs is still not good enough, because you’re not supposed to be able to tell.

    Well unless guys really do like tits that look like sports balls, asses that look upside down and deformed, and stomachs that look scarred and botched up.

  2. Chaos

    You bunch of fucking pussies. I would fuck that ass no matter how disproportionate it is to her body.

    • botd

      Bro stop being so mean haha. Some people are genuinely not attracted to girls with fake body parts. That’s how they were programmed since birth through no choice of their own.

      I mean the only way I can be attracted to girls with fake tits and ass is if they gain enough weight to cover it up and trick my brain into thinking it’s natural.

      Shit if it was up to me, I’d get up right this minute and choose to be attracted to ANY type of girl AT ALL, as long as she’s over 18, walks upright and has all her limbs. That way I’d have a much wider selection of potential girls I can bang.

      That being said, I’d bang this one cause it doesn’t look bad to me.

  3. Ilovemesomefemalebooty

    Doggystyle would make me lose the battle immediately. Ain’t nobody be able to tap that for 30 min straight and not give in. You guys are crazy! If you would be behind this girl, you’ll definitely start to appreciate the size.

    I like my women thick, crazy curves. And she has it all! I don’t care if its fake or real. This is some next level booty.

  4. iceman8069

    I really do hate fake body parts with a passion and no way in hell am I chasing her down to fuck….now having said all of that,if this broad were to throw it at me I probably would hit it…after she blew me of course…just sayin

  5. jaymak

    I’d throw my back out beating those cakes up…..

  6. Bootox

    These girls are surpassing the line between what is beautiful and what start to be strange. We all know that women wants to be pretty, but by doing things like this they just end fucking their own bodies. I would certainly bang her if she shows up in front of me teasing, but I rather 1.000 times a natural girl with good proportions.

  7. realreal

    she’s obviously fake but i would smash it

  8. BigCity

    I don’t get turned on looking at her. She’s way too made up for my taste. Two words: Fat transfer.

  9. DG

    normally i’d say “let it fap” but i do prefer small titties big round booty and a cute face kind over louboutin loving hoes with fake huge tits, i do like fake asses but i draw the line when they have fake brests most of the time xD

  10. Pete

    Nah, I’ll have to skip this one fellas

  11. 843bigred

    I’ll bang on that big ass like a drum.

  12. Tim

    personally im not a big fan of disproportion. The giant tits, a Barbie sized torso/stomach and then a giant ass just isn’t right to me. I need love handles and a thick tummy too if shes gonna have those measurements. Not to say shes ugly, shes not just not my type.

    • Mags

      U nailed it right on the head Tim!!! That ass to waste looks Alien

      • Hitman

        I’d hit that without bitchen! Having said that, I don’t stick around to find out.

      • poohbia

        Totally agree, some of these chicks go overboard with the enhancements. Ive seen worse than this chick but dann, chicks need to calm down on the injections

  13. seanjohn100

    do you use boxden?

    • Yeah

      Shakespeare was a great man, a true quote handed down for 3 centuries.

      • Yeah

        …But forreal tho, caucasian women are using these enhancements a lot more than black women, which is crazy. Look at people like Staci Doll, Amy Anderssen, etc etc and to @Tim is a big disproportion. Gotta be natural to have the “best” experience of them all, you know?

        • DG

          true bother, amy anderssen looks horrendous with basketballs for tiddies pencils for legs and watermelon for booty

          • Ghugg

            This is missloubouton she not fake

        • KingJ

          You’re right, the best girls are all-natural girls with actual big booties

    • botd

      If you’re asking me, nah never heard of it.

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