7 Responses to Ass and Fruit

  1. Bootyfreak

    I would eat fruit off her ass any day. Hell, I’d eat fruit in her ass!

  2. james a jenkins

    I could stay in the house got dam strawberrys

  3. Bootyman96

    It’s Mandy Muse! She’s awesome!

    • Ilovemesomefemalebooty

      I’m annoyed that there aren’t many porn scenes where she gets fucked in the pussy. Most scenes are anal!
      She has this amazing ass and barely any of the shots are from her being penetrated in the pussy.

      • Bootyman96

        Yeah I have to agree I’m not too crazy about anal either n she should ride with her pussy more than her hole or at least have a balance in between scenes. Her booty is awesome n she should be with Foxx just this once. Lola n Mandy be great.

  4. Fangio

    I love this butt and pussy, (it’s Mandy Muse)

  5. Yeah

    “I’ll eat that ass like a strawberry shortcake”

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