33 Responses to Huge Ass Indian Auntie

  1. CJ

    I don’t even care, I’ll let her ride me anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

  2. AssGifsGirls

    Pass !! 😀 too big for me

  3. DrDoom


  4. MilwT will Smash that AZZ


  5. mee(a)t

    People here may disagree, but having too much ass is a thing

  6. Sticky1

    Mane, I’m with Bubba and BlackieD on this one. All of those buck 30 and under little girls are always nice, but when you manhandle a massive

    • Sticky1

      Ass like this. There is really no other challenge.

  7. joe

    Id smash…id rather that than a flat booty chick. at least once to say i did it lol

  8. drisvisic

    c…Always want to see the face of someone I might be intimate with, and I’m not just into doggystyle

  9. moion

    Smash and smash again, then climb inside it and take a nap.

  10. GateNk

    If she has a pretty face, I’d be all over it. So C.

  11. lamoda

    Think I’ll save it for a hurricane.

  12. Basileus

    I’d need to see more of her to make a solid call. A nice ass ain’t everything.

  13. BlackieD

    For the love of Almighty Atheismo! I would smash that over the stove. 6 times in a row. With no rubber. I would grab her neck and chin with two hands, her tits with another two and her hips as well and beat that til the UN has to intervene!! Basically, I’d go with option A

    • tommytbaron

      Hahaha!! The UN! I’m with ya.

  14. Bootox

    With just this, it is a pass.

  15. Dubb $

    A, definitely A! I’m smashing that right after we eat lol

  16. Bubba

    Dang I would smash and smash again for good measure. You little boys can watch and pass. Warm that butter up! Thank you and cum again!

  17. Jay

    I may regret it later, but I’m going to hit it.

  18. bigswole


  19. lj
  20. realreal

    there’s no more of that right?

  21. Rs

    B. Pass on that ass.

  22. scum666

    Before viewing i’ll choose “b” pass. Just to be on the safe side.

  23. Bad People

    C. Dat looks too firm to be real. Have to see it without dat dress

  24. SkiOne

    Definitely pass on this one. First time I think I passed

  25. E

    …I think imma have to go C…but leaning towards B

    • poohbia

      Im with you on this one

      • E

        Yeah. it looks decent from the back but yo…she could turn around an have all types of malfunctions lol

    • Pete

      AGREED !! Looks good but……..

  26. realreal

    i would hit it, that shit is huge and natural

  27. dannt

    I think this time I will pass… or maybe go with C)

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