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Thick Indian Chick with Curves Hips and Ass

I think she’s either South Indian, Sri Lankan, or something else around that area.

So Smash or Pass? And also, should I post more Arab and Indian broads or no?

I see so many of them out in the real world that look pretty and thick as hell. But hardly any that take it off online or do porn.

Most likely cause their cultures frown upon showing a titty or two for money. But just give them a few more years in the West and they’ll open up and show us all.

Rubenesque Ethnic (Indian?) Chick

Confession: Whenever I’m unsure about a post, I make it a Smash or Pass to cover my ass, just in case some wiseguy is like, “That BOTD posts some questionable stuff sometimes.” I could be like Nah dudebro, that was a smash or pass. So yeah umm, smash or pass? Thick or fat?

(The face is not spectacular, but this is a Smash or Pass, not a Make Love to or Pass.)