Handfulls of Ass

Didn’t mention it was Kelly Divine at first, because sometimes not knowing who it is and thinking it’s some new thick chick is more arousing than seeing the same girls, amirite.

10 Responses to Handfulls of Ass

  1. TIM

    How Sweet It Is!!!

  2. That_dude

    I’d be faithful the rest of my life for that

  3. Bootyman96

    In the pic her face is kinda blurry, but yeah Kelly Divine one of the best ever! Fucking love this chick. Her ass probably makes science more interesting. All that mass in dat ass. Lol

  4. blackfrost

    that is truly a handful

  5. 843bigref

    Kelly Devine

    • 843bigred

      Her n her homegirl Jenna Shea have two of the phattest asses out there

      • Bobby1

        Kelly Divine & Jenna Shea are no longer friends.

  6. Chexy

    Ohhh my lord!! Who is this girl?

    • Bee

      Kelly Divine!!! that’s an easy one! Could spot that booty from a mile away

    • Spungn

      Ya brah!! How do u NOT know Kelly Divine’s ass?!?!?!

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