8 Responses to How to Bang Like a Boss

  1. Charles Webb

    Lol that shit is funny as hell ☠️

  2. PB

    what name that movie that shit is funny HAHAhaaaa

  3. Jack Ass

    This is how a wiseman fucketh. And I saith onto you whosoever has’th more than 900 wives should fucketh like this. Amen brothers praises be to ours cocks brothers. Let’s not let the evil one prevent us from having multiple pussies to fuck.

    • Maceo

      Too funny

  4. lelouth

    name of the movie?, sauce?, you should always publish sauce

    • botd

      It’s from a Danish movie called Agent 69 in the Sign of Scorpio or something, from 1977.

  5. Boooty freak

    This is too stupid

    • botd

      i kno right stupid funny 1st time I saw the old gif I was like dyyyying like lol that should be me

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