7 Responses to Cute and Curvy Carlotta Champagne

  1. ronald


  2. Asslova

    She is perfection….
    @Tboogz: Agreed…100%

  3. Dudewherezmycock

    Ima salivating abnormally.

  4. Tboogz

    OMG! Finally a real body, on a real woman! I’m sorry but I was getting kinda tired of injected ass n tittes. Every once in a while you need a nice real woman to remind you that real woman do exist, and god does it best. Lol

  5. Haechi

    Amazing, I wish she did porn haha.

  6. Bootyman96

    Haven’t been on playboy for a few years and I haven’t seen a thick PB model around the same time either. Just those big tit blondes and brunettes always got my attention. Like this chick already.

  7. Bee

    Dude! I never knew about her until now! Add her to my favorites, need to know more about this Whooty!!!

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