Big Booty Tubes (in the comments below)

No new posts yet, so let’s try something different.

Everybody post a link to a booty video in the comments. The purpose is to share new material with each other. Try to post no more than 1 or 2 links that you think are the best. Then maybe more later.

The only way this will work is if everybody contributes. Xhamster, Xvideos, Pornhub, Youporn, Redtube, whatever. Even something on Youtube, Dailymotion or Vimeo.

I’ll start with the first comment. Couldn’t think of anything spectacular, so I just posted a classic I remembered that some people might not have seen.

See? Easy.

(If it works out well, either it will be a once a month or two months thing, or I’ll just add a new section where people can submit links, kinda like Reddit.)

124 Responses to Big Booty Tubes (in the comments below)

  1. DC

    She was one of my absolute favorites untill she thought it was needed to enhance her already perfect body. Nowadays she is too much trained off and has got her butt enhanced. :/

    She’s still in my top 3, what a curves! ๐Ÿ™‚

    She’s my current nr. 1, perfect from any angle. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. olivett

    I love it when the big booty is dropping out of the tight skirt/shorts while they walk!

    Like this:

  3. Andrew
  4. peperoni22cm

    NOEMILK spanish black teenager ยกยกยกยกยก

  5. GreenPowerRanger

    here ya go fellow booty lovers! my favorite ass videos.. enjoy!

  6. Darkaholic
  7. AKUMA
  8. yea

    One of the best asses till this day
    Who remembers


    • DC

      Onionbooty was that bomb! Too bad the site went brazzer-style, thay had gold with format they used.

  9. Udder Appreciation

    BUSHWOMAN BOOTY… world class motherland booty straight from the source

  10. Udder Appreciation
  11. lionoutlaw

    Anyone knows of any thick/pawg/whooty British singers/actresses/anything famous ? Europe is so fucking underrated when it comes to thick women with ass. I only know of holly willoughby, kelly brook, jennifer metcalfe, kimberley walsh, susanna reid and carol vordamen old ass.

  12. GiveMeSomeAss

    I’m sure those of you that have spent plenty of time on xvideos searching for that one video you can fap to for days have come across these, but for those unlucky to have, your welcome lol

    • GiveMeSomeAss

      *Unlucky to have not*

      Wish there was an edit option ๐Ÿ™

  13. GiveMeSomeAss
  14. Cole_Cash…wow

    like the title says, thick and jiggly. I can’t find more though ๐Ÿ™

    Suzanne Malveaux, in the US TV:

  15. Ronaldocf

    These girls need make porn video perfect booty and curves

    Ana Carolina


    Natural booty miss bum bum ready for bangbros

    i dont like silicone and plastic girls like Lisa ann she is most popular in porn industry but its not natural !

  16. King James
  17. SlimD
  18. tommytbaron

    Man, these are some good butts. Any of you guys ever seen this one? It’s freaking incredible!

  19. Donnie Darko
  20. Bee
  21. Bee
  22. Aladdin

    I need to know her name. She is so fucking hot!

  23. botd

    Never seen this one before… So either it’s old and I’m slipping, or it’s new and a lot of you are gonna be pretty happy.

  24. Durantula

    Where curvy bbw’s at?! Lol not the ones with bad shapes but the actual curvy ones with huge asses

  25. botd

    Big booty redhead Mylie Moore. Almost forgot about her.

    Man she looks good walking at about 3:30 in.

  26. botd

    To the dude that was looking for facesitting, here’s a short clip of Darlene.

  27. BigSwole
  28. Udder Appreciation
  30. botd

    Natalie Sash…

    Same girl as this one…


  31. Dan
  32. Udder Appreciation



    MISS BUMBUM 2013






  33. botd

    Crazy thick cam girl

    Only dudes that like thick girls understand how this is different from a fat chick’s body.

  34. botd

    Mwwahahaha my plan worked. Now I got enough fap material for a good 3 weeks. Suckersssss.

    Nah but we all do tho. You guys still better check BOTD daily.

  35. Udder Appreciation
  36. np3228
    • botd

      I fixed the link to point to the video section, cause it’s hard to tell that you have to go there. Let me know if it’s wrong.

      • Dagore

        thanks! you did right my friend ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. gphi

    Maliah Michel – Trey Songz ‘Na Na’ // @iammaliahmichel PEACE!!!

  38. botoftoy

    anyone have good facesitting videos?

  39. botd

    This is a weird one, but it’s the only time I’ll get to share it for any porn connoisseurs. That’s that vintage Turkish pretend porn. Girl’s name is Zerrin Egeliler and she’s pretty exotic if you ask me.

    If you choose to watch this, you’ll have to fast forward a lot to get to the good parts.

  40. np3228

    A forgotten ass bedeli buttland

    Also I’m on a smart phone my bad in advance

    • botd

      No problem. Just had to fix the link a little.

      Btw, first time I saw this video I thought she looked suspect, but she sounds too feminine for that. If anybody’s like huh? Forget about it. Not important.

      • np3228

        Thanks most of my shit is off my phone. But yeah I get what your saying bout that suspect shit

        • botd

          Okay cool, yeah there’s a couple of “chicks” that I don’t post here because I’m not entirely sure about them. Not naming names.

  41. blankman
  42. botd

    Thanks everybody for participating. Pretty good so far. This would be better tho if there was a “comment like” button so that the good shit that people upvote would go to the top. But by the time I figure out how to do that, this post will be old.

  43. Bootyman96
  44. Dionysos

    A leaked sex tape Paige Turnah made with her ex a few years ago:

  45. Udder Appreciation
    • Spungn

      Please please please….what is this chick’s name!!?!?

  46. botd

    Most of you probably won’t like this. Too bad for you. But does anybody else remember this super thick phat booty milf named Candy that used to be at …and those two old ass Latino brothers that used to bang all the chunky mature chicks.

    I dunno, I was always into BBW milfs. Just be happy I don’t post more of them here.

    • Spungn

      Please post more of them!!!!!!!

  47. Fam

    anyone remember the thick wild french chick with the pink spandex outfit from buttman a long time ago? Bird is wild.

    • botd

      Old school. This is probably one of the first times I saw anal.

      Good find.

    • TunaTunz

      Meant to post that top result…the others are great too but you probably seen em before

  48. Bee
  49. Thick-Ums

    I Almost forgot her. Crazy Cakes. Her GiF’s are amazing!..:

  50. Thick-Ums

    Nice Cam Chick: (She’s Usually on 7pm-Till Whenever EST.)

    • InsaneGang

      Who’s the girl in the yellow in the 1st video ?

      • W00t

        Sheila Marie

        • InsaneGang

          No it ain’t.

          • botd

            To find out the name of the girl in yellow, do a search for the word “segway” up there in the search bar.

      • Mike

        Carmen De Luz with Brooke Lee Adams

    • Al B Cummings

      Is it sad tht I’ve seen all these haha

      • botd

        No way you saw that Turkish flick. If you did, then yeah, that’s pretty sad.

    • Lolvio

      Name of Bunny Girl from 2nd video?

      • kirkdaville

        Lizzie Tucker

  51. mhr
    • Spungn

      Pics too….of course!!!!

    • botd

      This is a question for everybody. Should it be pics also, or just videos?

      • W00t

        I think pix are waaay better than videos most of the time.

      • Jerome

        All are good but must have more ass than last pic.

        • tommytbaron

          Amen, brother. The hell was that?

          • botd

            I think he was trying to send me a pic that has the potential to be awesome after a few adjustments, cause that pic is actually pretty good.

    • botd

      Thanks R. I combined yours into a single comment.

      I should’ve made more rules, but for the future, try not to post too many at once, maybe just one or two of the ones you think are the best. Then maybe more later.

    • botd

      And for everybody, in case you don’t know. If you’re on desktop, you might need to take out the m. on the beginning of these links

  52. botd
    • DG

      this classic which I”VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE was taken down before i got the chance to watch it ๐Ÿ™

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