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  1. Bootox

    I like to see her because she’s wild (just like Sarah Jay) and has such a nice ass and hips.
    I don’t think that she has a male face. Her nose doesn’t spoil all the other qualities that she has.
    And I rather see her face the way it is instead of some other porn girl that made surgery and got a nose like Michael Jackson after so many surgeries…

  2. seint
  3. mondotoken

    Beautiful body, but I gig her on some of the racist comments she made in the extras segment of a video she made a while back. Pretty checked up considering most of her work is Interracial.

    • Pete

      What racist comments were made ??

    • realreal

      what did she say?

    • Bootox

      Hey man, can you please tell us? Someone knows something and can explain???

  4. Desipimp

    Luscious Lopez is one of my all time favorites. Her videos are epic!! One of the juiciest roundest asses I’ve ever seen! That ass can really take a pounding!!

  5. poohbia

    Minus her manly face, shes allright

  6. blackfrost

    must…win….lottery….so i…..can…sleep…with….her

  7. BSD

    Friends –

    I remember about eight years ago I told my buddy that Luscious Lopez’ ass looks good COMIN’ AT YOU FROM THE FRONT!!

    Her hips and thighs are so mouthwatering that I have jacked to her just WALKING TOWARDS the camera!

    Boys were compainin’ about her big nose, when I didn’t even notice that she had a head.

    Lawd have mercy. I would like to die in them hips.


    • Traxx

      “Boys were compainin’ about her big nose, when I didn’t even notice that she had a head”

      This’ll have me Lawling for days


    • Traxx


      The nose thing, I get that people can say yes, they don’t like her nose, understandable but when they get carried away and decide to disqualify her on that alone i’m like W.TF??

      Isn’t that the same shit they kept saying about Sara Jay as well?

      • BSD

        TRAXX –

        Yeah, I’ve heard lots of dawgs over the years talkin’ about Sara Jay bein’ fugly or Luscious Lopez having a big honker, or this and that about these porn girls. All I know is they got gorgeous big asses, they fuck and suck like champs, and they’ve provided me with lots of enjoyment over the years. If somebody ain’t your cup of tea, or don’t appeal to your particular taste that’s fine, but I don’t get the need to just disrespect these women. Especially from all the GQ male models hidin’ behind a keyboard on the internet.

        But then some people would complain if you hung them with a brand new rope.


  8. Chilean guy

    hi guys, I found this 2 videos, the first one I think it’s amateur http://www.xvideos.com/video9159582/phat_ass_pawg_riding

    And the second one it’s from a camgirl but I don’t know who it is, here’s the video http://www.xvideos.com/video8793544/definition_of_a_p.a.w.g.#_tabComments

    Enjoy! and sorry for posting here I didn’t know where to post it, and sorry for the english, just a chilean guy 😉

  9. Jesse

    Ok, I got to watch this in it’s entirety. What’s this video from?

  10. blade

    which scene does that clip come from?

    • Traxx

      the one that took place in my house last night

      (Lmfao) I so wish.

      No idea dude, sorry

  11. Traxx

    (sigh) Still one of the best Latina’s in the game

    • Blaximus

      Yeah, she’s still in my top 10 greatest. She’s grade A material, bruh.

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