10 Responses to Are Those Bugle Boy Jeans She’s Wearing

  1. haris Smith

    One of the many pics that are photoshopped

  2. Bingo Long

    Gaht dayum. Glorious. I bet more than a few dudes have done a BUNCH of stupid shit to keep booty in their lives…

  3. Homey

    Image is photoshopped. Look between the front and back pockets lol, bad job whoever did it.

    • botd

      Doesn’t matter. Already fapped.

  4. Desipimp

    Ain’t nothing in the world as nice as a woman with a nice ass wearing tight jeans! Wish it wasn’t just the side view though…that is a beautiful ass!

  5. Neto

    Lol BOTD is funny xD

  6. ks4714

    Look at those jeans she’s wearin’… I’m hooked and I can’t stop starin’ OH BABY!!!

  7. Chukou


  8. reservoir dog

    impressed – has to be european

  9. Aalim Chin

    Lol that line might never work but it was funny.

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