Sophia Body

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Shout to the mystery dude that suggested her on that other site that begins with an f that I can’t speak about yet.

On an unrelated note, is it just me, or does it seem like every other girl nowadays is having her stomach/midsection sucked out and the fat transferred over to her ass/hips.

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  1. Derek da Long

    Don’t care if its fake I would still want to ride that booty.

    • GreenEggsAndHam
  2. dominick9998

    What I don’t understand, on which maybe one of you gents can shine some light, is why do all these latina/ethnically exotic/big booty/big breasted/tiny waist/high heel wearing/never see her w/o makeup/Miami dwelling women pretend to be part of the “thug life?”

    They all appear in rap videos. They all have 15 pairs or Jordans. They all have their hip-hop inspired bling-bling. They all have hundreds of pictures on their Instagram of them with rappers and black dudes at hot clubs…..I don’t get it.

    I’m with a big booty white girl right now and she has ZERO interest in any of that bullshit. Have I found the right one? lol

    • ryan

      this chicks are urban models. who else would they be with?

    • poohbia

      Well, overall the urban culture embraces women with curves, so most people gravitate towards the things they receive attention from

  3. Olivett

    Another thing that strikes me with these big booty girls is that they seem to be very short.

  4. MAXS

    Hey what is so terrible about fake. FAKE looks wonderful to me. FAKE is what make sight worth seeing.
    You just think about it. FAKE is why you watch tv. FAKE is why she wears lipstick. FAKE is why she smells so good to you. FAKE is why you visit site after site after sight looking for that soooo sexy, soooo fine, soooo hot picture. FAKE is why you cant stay off your smart phone. FAKE make dreams come true.
    Embrace FAKE, enjoy FAKE, appreciate FAKE, love FAKE.

    I’d take FAKE any day, any time, anywhere.

  5. ryan

    i have never cared no will i ever care if an ass/titties are fake. i just it want to look good if it does, then i dont care. what i cant stand is all the ridiculous tattoos. broads are routinely ruining their bodies with stupid tats, her ass was fine with juicy tat

  6. dayum

    i dont agree.. working out does make booty bigger. If u follow a special diet. Its just harder and longer to get.. like push up, squat, bycycle and to eat like a mother fucker… kardashian example. of course she’s gifted already but trust me on this.. its just a matter of laziness and i guess fake culture , and those years it became all about the ass.. and 2nd there is fake ass and fake ass.. the one that ricki white had im fine with it.. this one i totally hate it.. and hail natural booty!!

  7. Bee

    And that why they call her ” the body”

  8. Boooty freak

    Seems that way, America has become a fake nation.

    • One eyed monster

      Yes a fake nation full of flat stomachs, tig ol bitties, and fat asses. The tru American dream!

    • botd

      I think South America is worse tho.

      But who should get more props, a girl that was just born with a big ass, or one that saved up all her strip club singles and after a few years finally earned enough to go out and buy her own brand new big booty. Think about it.

      I mean I hate fake ass and I hate fake titties, but having a big natural ass is mostly luck. Working out doesn’t make it bigger.

    • Jefferson

      Definately not just Americans, seems to be a world wide epidemic. On a positive note a lot of these fake bitches have bodies that are not possible naturally. For instance, Amazin Amie must have a 3:1 ass to waist ratio

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